Bootilicious Woman Brings Street to a Standstill as She Publicly Twerks Her Big Booty (Watch)

Touts and vendors in Harare CBD in Zimbabwe on Wednesday, had a field day afternoon when a buxom woman graced the streets in a scant bum short.
According to iHarare, the woman who happens to be a dancer was captured on camera giving the men a free twerking show, shaking her assets to the enamored men who were cheering, clearly enjoying the show. Her colleague played music from a twin cab truck while she entertained the unruly crowd.
As soon as the shows was over, the men quickly turned the tables demanding that she wear ‘real clothes’. Perhaps the men got angry about her ‘no touch’ policy and the fact the she had left the hanging on a thread. What was group of spectators quickly turned into an incensed mob who started following her.

The buxom woman whose shorts revealed parts of her rear, braved the hostility around her before finding a shop to take shelter in. The more conservative crowd blasted the woman for trying to imitate Western countries’ sense of fashion whilst forgetting that she was Zimbabwean. There were laments of cultural alienation and some threw digs at her sheer size.
The poor woman declined to comment on her fashion riot scene and looked quite unmoved by the whole tirade.
Watch the video below;



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