DJ Dee Money, 2017 Ultimate Naija Party 4 Hours Megamix

DJ Dee Money

Chicago, IL. (Friday, August, 25th 2017) – Most recently DJ Dee Money released 36 of some 6of the biggest party songs released from Nigerian artists currently getting heavy spins by DJs across the world. With this new mix, DJ Dee Money will continue to blossom and will solidify what “hard work” truly means.

DJ Dee Money is a staple in the entertainment scene in Chicago and around the world. DJ Dee Money is your go to man to make it happen at any event around the world! If you are ever in Chicago, you catch him at events hosted by his entertainment company, In DJ Dee Money’s own words: “Passion, Hard work, Dedication & Consistency will equal success but you have to do all 3 all the time”.

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