Former World’s Fattest Woman Looking Good as She Shares New Photos After Losing Weight

The world’s former fattest woman has shed a whopping 570lbs in weight and is now looking for love. The woman who is now regular at her local gym in Texas has changed her life with the weightloss.
Catrina Raiford, 40, originally from Florida, has also joined dating app Tinder in a bid to find romance. She made headlines in 2002 as she had to be bulldozed away because her 1,000lb frame had left her bed bound.
According to Dailymail, there is a drawback, though, as when men discover how massive Catrina once was, all they want to talk about is how she managed to shed her bulk.
‘They ask me for tips for their sisters, aunts, mums,’ she laughed. ‘Still, it’s amazing to think that a few years ago I couldn’t move and now I am dating.’
At one point Catrina, now 40, was completely immobile and bed-bound.



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