Good Roads, Not A Priviledge, But A Necessity – David Onuoha Bourdex


Good Roads, Not A Priviledge, But A Necessity – David Onuoha Bourdex

The Founder and CEO of Bourdex Telecoms Ltd; Chief (Dr) David Ogba Onuoha Bourdex (MFR, OON) stated recently, in a press briefing, that he has been having sleepless nights over the total abandonment, decaying and deplorable condition of the Federal Roads in Abia. He said that its totally disheartening how the major erosion menace that has devastated the area over 8 years and defied all governments (since the inception of the current senate representative who’s currently bidding for a third term) till date, fearing that the city may shutdown if nothing is urgently done to fix the roads.

Chief David Onuoha Bourdex said that its now so obvious that the people who has been charged with the task for the past 8years see sealing these death traps as a privilege instead of the necessity it is, while the residents of the communities in Abia North senatorial district now live in fear due to the ever growing “Erosion Frankenstein” which now threatens to cut off the zone from the rest of the state.

The Lohum junction and Akoli-Imenyi on the Umuahia-Ohafia Road has continued to widen and deepen as it narrows the road, the  Elu-Amuke erosion site is even a worse scenario, same is the case at the bad gully point currently blocking the road at Ania Ohafia, adding that other roads in the district faced various stages of dilapidation e.g Lohum-Nkpa Imenyi, Bende-Ntalakwu-Ubibia, Bende-Okporoenyi, and Uzuakoli-Ozuitem-Bende all due to same erosion problem.

“we need to say no to the regular,we can no longer leave things in the hands of the “usual suspects” who believe that nothing needs to be done for the Abia North people…those who believe that uplifting the faces of the dilapidated infrastructure is not a necessity but a privilege”, he said.

Adding that now is the right time for the people of Abia North to rise and save Abia North.



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