Guy Get In Here: See How Date A Strong, Successful Woman


This cannot be further from the truth. One major mistake most guys make when dating successful women is that they do not understand what the females need during courtship.

Keep these 6 tips below in mind if you are (or planning) to date an independent woman, and you will find your relationship blossoming and growing against all odds.

1. Understand her passion: An independent woman is usually a passionate one. You do not get to become successful if you do not have a passion for something. A man looking to date such woman should take the time to understand the root of her passion and basically be aware of what makes her tick. She will feel so much closer to you if she knows that you do, in fact, get her.

2. Give her support: If you are dating a successful and established woman, you have to be willing to support all her endeavour. You have to do things for her that shows you take her career and her choices seriously. She has to know that she can always count on you no matter what.

3. Take care of her: Chances are, a successful woman spend most of her days catering to the needs of others at her work. It will be such a sweet and welcome change to have a man who caters for her. Her man should know how to take care of her, even by doing the little things.

4. Respect her choices: No successful person ever got there by not making a lot of choices along the way. She will also make some more while she is with you. You need to respect those choices and not look down on her as a woman. Respecting a woman like this will also give her more reasons to respect you in return.

5. Seek her opinion: A successful woman will hardly be a figure-head in a relationship. She will want to contribute to your life (career or otherwise).

So, to make her feel a part of your world, seek her opinion on issues you have. You do not have to take all her advice, but the fact that you asked, shows that you value her intelligence and you know her worth to you.

6. Embrace the perks: It is not that difficult to date an independent woman. There are actually a lot of perks. You will be dating someone who is secure in herself and who is not relying on you to satisfy every single one of her needs.

It is also good to know that she is with you because she wants to be, and not because she needs to be. This should make you feel good as a man since you know with certainty that you are not being used or taken advantage of.



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