John ran into the office in a hurry, unprepared for the board meeting that morning, he felt there was too much that he still had to; tidy up his notes before the time so he thereafter dusted his desk, cleared his workload, opened his laptop and tried to do some final crossing of the ‘T’s and dotting of the ‘I’s. He had partied all night that he forgot to do the needful towards this meeting.

He went into the conference room to attend the meeting and pulled out his electronic card key to swipe for access into the room and he was denied access. He tried a couple of times and felt locked out, his colleagues were all in and felt bad because his Presentation was first on the agenda, he kept fondling around until his secretary asked him if he ‘clocked in’ that morning because if he didn’t do that, the conference room won’t grant him access.

John ran to the technician room to rectify the problem and was told that only HR could reprogram the system to allow him access into the conference room, the rule was very clear, once you don’t clock in when you arrive, though you are in the office, you won’t be allowed to have access to some places within the complex, he was denied access to the most important places that day in the office, Though He was within the complex.

I’ll like to Inspire you this Friday special to kindly ensure you “Clock Out” Of 2017 very well and make sure you “Clock In” very well into 2018. Many people will be denied access into certain places and rooms in 2018 if they don’t Clock In well. Let me share the 3 simple ways to Clock Into 2018 with Grace and Power


  1. ATTEND WATCH NIGHT SERVICE: I know many people think it is religious but it baffles me a lot, how a person will spend the night between two years at home watching television or sleeping. It is a very secular way of seeing life and also a godless attitude towards the serious matters of life. Attend a cross over night service near your house or go to your church to embrace the New Year.


  1. PRAISE POWER: Make sure you end the year with Praise and start the Clock Into 2018 with High Praises on your lips. There are many people who wish they could be in your shoes and many more who are dead, so rejoice with Praises regardless of your personal economic situation.


  1. CREATIVE DAYS: I have kept the tradition of spending the early part of my year in prayers ‘creating’ my year as the Lord did in Genesis. The Bible tells us that ‘In the beginning, God Created the heavens and the earth’, hence I love to Create my Heavens and Earth in the beginning on the altar of prayers. You should attend prayer meetings in the first days of January to create your year.

I hope you have been inspired this Friday and pray that God will bless you all. See you in 2018 by God’s Grace.

Be inspired!



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