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Someone very close to me approached me a couple of weeks ago and asked me if it was possible to introduce him to the governor of Lagos state so that he may court his favor for what we call ‘Breakthrough’. The idea was very clear and simply about what he could do to eat from the King’s table, knowing fully well that once he gets to dine from the table of the king, he was bound to be ‘better’ than others.

The problem with many Nigerians is the glory ascribed to kings (politicians, governors, Vice President, president, etc.). We have almost equated these mortal men with God hence believe that those who dine at the table of the kings will always certainly be better than those who don’t. We do these things deliberately ignoring the power of the King of kings in our lives.

Daniel was a man faced with the option of choosing to dine with the king or just stick to being faithful to the King of kings. The challenge was really about the outcome of both choices. The king had appointed them portion of his meal as his special slaves (Dan 1 v 5 says, ‘and the king appointed them a daily portion of the king’s meat and of the wine which he drank…’), towards nourishing them but Daniel chose otherwise by faith.

Most preachers definitely and the writer inclusive would call Daniel ‘unwise’ in today’s church, in fact, we secretly and openly pray for our members to get such positions and opportunities in the palace so that we may boast of our access to the kings of this world. Daniel chose to eat the common meal as against special ones from the king, which is symbolic of breakthrough from the king. The prince of the eunuchs overseeing this pet project of the king was very worried and shared his opinion with Daniel in these words, ‘…I fear my Lord the king, who has appointed your meal and your drink, for why should he SEE YOUR FACES WORSE LIKING THAN THE CHILDREN WHICH ARE YOUR SORT?…’ (Dan 1 v 10).

Many people including believers today believe that those in the palace or favored by kings would always look ‘better’ than those without those opportunities or Breakthrough jobs, but Daniel rewrote history by choosing the less preferred path and he came out better off than those who ate the kings meal.

It is amazing to note that Daniel was 10 times better because of God’s Gifts to them (v 20), Daniel was 10 times fresher and fairer after 10days of test (v 15), Daniel was 10 times Wiser than WISE men in the kingdom (v 20) and Daniel was just simply better in every area he was tested than those who ate of the king’s meat.


  1. You must relate with likeminded persons: Daniel knew that he needed friends and believers of like-mindedness. You have to look for your own Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego (Prov 13 v 13) in life so that you can stand out as winners. There were many slaves from Israel but Daniel didn’t align with just anyone but those who had faith in God like he did, all Christians don’t believe that king’s meat is not better than the Lord’s favor in life.


  1. You must seek knowledge: Daniel rejected the meat from Nebuchadnezzar but not the knowledge of palace and Babylon. I often tell young people not to ignore knowledge because none can be wasted. He was very hungry for information and he didn’t despise the same which helped him eventually. Be hungry for knowledge. (Hos. 6v 3; Prov. 2 v 5-6)


  1. You Must Acknowledge The God Factor: Daniel’s testimony throughout the book of Daniel was around his implicit faith in the supernatural protective hands of the Almighty. This was shown in his prayer life and walk with God; he spent time with God more than with the king, he sought for the king’s favor from God and He showed him His kindness. You can’t be better than others if you won’t give it all up to God.


  1. You Must Have Favor With The Eunuch: Finally, Daniel was 10 times better than others because of God’s favor that he had with the prince of the Eunuchs. This is very key in charting the course of your destiny because there are people who the king leans upon and who are closer to people that matter. Ask God for their understanding at times, because the Eunuch simply ‘broke the law’ for the sakes of Daniel and his brothers.

I hope you have been inspired to be 10 times better than your colleagues out there in the world or even the church today. Remember that you can shine outside government, your breakthrough doesn’t have to come from the political hemisphere and you can be better without a government job.
Kindly lean on Him and know that you can be 10 times better.

Be Inspired
Yomi Kasali (Rev)



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