Have you ever heard of someone losing a very important game of sports and yet still celebrated like he won the game, people cheering him, accolades being given to him, ladies screaming his name, children begging for his autograph perhaps just after being defeated in a hotly contested game of tennis and he also putting up the V sign while soaking in the celebrations. Many will wonder if those hailing him understood the game at all and if he was also out of his mind.

Allow me some space in your very busy schedule today to inspire you with this thought of celebrating defeat in our walk with God. I will be sharing something that is considered old school today but just give me the next 7 minutes of your time and kindly follow my train of thoughts please. The scripture passage that birthed this opinion is one of the very popular ones from our Lord in the gospels:

‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? What shall a man give in exchange for his soul’ (Mark 8 v 36-37)

Yeah, I know some of you are wondering what this scripture has to do with winning or losing sporting games. Well life itself is like a game with many players, we have rules and all play intensely to win not lose. Man can be very competitive in nature, which is why Nations play this game politically and economically to win other nations, businesses play to win others, even ‘churches’ are now being run in a competitive way to outfox, outrun and win others, which is a shame.

Our Lord however redefined ‘winning’ the game of life in that passage with some common business terminologies. I will pull out 3 phrases used in that passage to inspire my readers today on how we can be the celebrated losers in the game of Life using the wisest words of our Lord Jesus.


  1. Profit a Man: The first term used is the word, ‘Profit’ and it means ‘advantage’. In other words, of what advantage will it be for a man… This is in the final analysis of the equation, if one invests 2 million in a business and makes a loss of 3million, of what advantage is that to the person. We shall take a closer look at the second term used.


  1. Gains the Whole World: This is the interesting part of the account, He used a very familiar word, ‘Gains’, which is different from the Word ‘Profit’ in Greek, this word actually means ‘acquire’ or ‘win over’. So if we are going to look at the words together, it might sound like this; ‘of what advantage is it for someone to acquire and win 3million at the expense of 5million. Selah.


  1. Loses His Own Soul: Now this is where the thought of ‘celebrated loser’ comes in, why should I be jumping around in celebration because I have acquired so much money, gained the whole world, gotten fame and glamor, wears the best fragrance, have the largest church congregation and yet the auditor says we made a ‘Loss’.

I am not an accountant but all of us know that we listen to the auditors when it comes to the state of our finances, their reports can be damning and terrible, we may look at the balance sheet and think we should be celebrated but in their report, they may just say we made huge losses because they look at different things.

I don’t want to be celebrated by men because of fame, gold, glory and pomp, yet the Great Auditor gives a verdict that is not pleasant. I don’t want to measure my life with what I gain on earth, but in the final analysis, ensure I make no ‘loss’ of my soul in hell… having preached unto others, I don’t want to be a cast away.

Be Inspired.
Yomi Kasali (Rev)



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