My late father once came home from work one day a little bit tipsy and he barked the following words at us ferociously, ‘You Bloody Civilians…’, we noticed he had been using those words in his conversations at home and knew he learnt the phrase from one of his buddy in the Nigerian Army. The man was a General in the army and my father’s close associate, he had some business dealings with him and they were into one another.

The word ‘civilian’ is one used by only non-civilians, especially the military. It is a word that is filled with some form of contempt for non-military men because they were perceived as weaker, undisciplined, fun seeking, unserious bunch of people who aren’t of a purer stock like those trained in the art of warfare. Truly many people know that they are ‘Bloody Civilians’ when in the presence of military men and they also don’t want to be like the ‘Disciplined Soldiers’ who live in military barracks and play around with guns like toys.

I’m amazed and inspired that the Apostle Paul also shares the same view with my late father with respect to Civilian affairs. The Bible tells us in 2 Tim. 2 v 4, ‘No man that wars entangles himself with the affairs of this life (Civilian Affairs), that he may please Him who has chosen him to be a soldier’, this is very inspiring and Instructive. God wants us to be good Soldiers and to do so for Him, we have to be free of civilian entanglements, not that we should isolate ourselves from civilians or things of this life but ensure we are not ENTANGLED or ENSNARED by their allurements.

It is my sincere view that the Lagos Church has been entrapped by the capitalist theology and bitten by the ‘cash is king’ bug that has engulfed all of America to the point of making their faith journey directionless. The believer must understand that he is a soldier of Christ and as such should not be entangled by the affairs of this life else will be distracted from focusing on our battles.

Let me share my thoughts on 5 of the most deadly affairs of this life that can take your hearts away from the battle we fight today.


  1. MARRIAGE: Yeah, I know this will shock my readers but really true, Marriage is considered by those in the rank and file of the military as civilian affairs. They are usually not bothered with matters of the heart because they are supposed to have their focus on warfare (life and death), which means satisfying the pleasures of the flesh may be distractive for their cause.


  1. FASHION: I am yet to see any soldier that knows a lot about Gucci, YSL, Armani, etc. Things like trending clothes and skirts, Rado watches and Hermès cologne do not move a battle inclined soldier. They are simply things of this life at best. That is why I’m sure the Lagos church isn’t in the Warfare mode but worldly mode.


  1. ENTERTAINMENT: I just watched the movie, Black Panther and phew, it was great but let me tell you that the church somewhere in Nasarawa, Chibok, Benue, etc. would not be interested in my opinion because they are at the battle front for the souls of men and defending the faith for us all. My heart goes out to our brothers in Gombe, Taraba, Yobe, Adamawa and all the northern Christians in Nigeria because they are the ones in battle while we are partying.


  1. INVESTMENTS: Can you envision some soldiers in Syria at the moment having meetings to discuss financial investments in New York, London and perhaps Johannesburg? I know it is impossible because their minds are daily programmed in ‘survival’ mode while they fight for their cause. We in the Christian faith seem to have lost the essence of our faith and just basking in prosperity, the Lord will help us.


  1. HEALTH AND FITNESS: Finally, most soldiers are not entangled with the fitness coach, daily gym schedule, structured diet and regular checkups. In fact the soldier without bruises and wounds would be considered as an unserious soldier. Many expect soldiers to tell stories of near death encounters in battle and not the other way around.

Kindly read the scripture again and understand what Paul told Timothy, we are not just, Sons, Athletes, but also Soldiers. Let us reorder our priorities in the life and live for Him alone.

I hope you have been Inspired by this piece.
Be inspired!



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