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Danfo is the very scruffy and dirty yellow buses that ply the Lagos roads which is usually driven by reckless individuals who have no respect for the law or the society. They are ill mannered yet driving well cultured people, reckless yet driving elderly citizens, dirty but driving well-dressed individuals to work places. The danfo has become the signature of the Lagos metropolitan city so much so that it garnered a piece being done on it by CNN. You only need to go to Germany to discover that these rickety looking Volkswagen buses are not the problem but the drivers.

I will like to inspire you today with this piece and my focus will be on the Driver not the buses. It is important that I share with you my most honest thought with respect to danfo driving and who is driving your life. I know some people deride these drivers yet we still have no choice but to use the danfo as means of our local commuting. We somewhat know that some of the drivers are criminals, yet we allow them to drive us. We somewhat know that some of them are on hard drugs, yet we take the risks of putting our lives in their hands. We somewhat know that some of them are rapists, yet the young ladies get on these buses without asking questions about their safety. We somewhat know that many are not born again Christians, yet we don’t mind them driving us around… the list is endless but I am just concerned today about how we make our decisions in life.

The Bible tells us the very important role of being led by the spirit of God in Rom. 8 v 14, ‘for as many as are led (or driven) by the Spirit of God, they are the children of God.’ It is who is leading you that will determine where you will end in eternity. It is who is leading you that will also ensure your safety and prosperity on earth. I know we are entering the political season and many people are clamoring for good governance led by honest leaders; I totally concur and align my thoughts with the cry out there but my only concern is that we are like many who shout daily and end up being driven by these reckless danfo drivers by choice, not by force.

Let me share the similitudes of danfo drivers In Life with you so that we may understand the place of leadership:


  1. PASTORS: Many People are not careful who they give their ‘spiritual’ lives to and who watches over their ‘souls.’ I have seen several ‘Danfodriver-Pastors’ leading churches and people recklessly, especially in the Eastern African region of the continent and also in Nigeria. Many of these pastors are not theologically trained and are in ministry for money, thereby leaving u to see all kinds of unethical conduct and practices. The Bible says that pastors are shepherds that watch over our Souls, so be careful who you call ‘pastor’ (Heb. 13 v 17).


  1. POLITICIANS: We are about to enter another Campaign Season in Nigeria so you’ll see all kinds of campaigns; from those filled with hatred, to fake news, and campaign of calumny, etc. yet many Nigerians who shout about bad governance and will likely still get into a bus with reckless drivers that will beat down the vehicle and abuse the people. I sometimes wonder if we cannot discern these ‘Danfo driver-politicians’ from those that are not. They take care of our Economy, Peace and Safety so we should get people that truly care about the people to vote into power.


  1. DOCTORS: The Medical practitioners are some of the most kind creatures on earth but we now have some ‘Danfo driver-Doctors’ in this space. They are the modern day killing machines in Nigeria; ignorant people just flock to them foolishly and they Administer medications recklessly. It is important to know your doctor and be careful who you call ‘doctor’. They take care of your Bodies and you should get someone with a kind heart coupled with right knowledge to be your doctor. Our hospitals have become mortuaries because the doctors are killers.


  1. TEACHERS: Every civilized society is known by the state of her educational institutions; the teachers determine the future of the society because they teach science and arts coupled with morals as well. We need good teachers who will drive the educational institution at the primary and secondary levels more importantly than tertiary. The moral challenge in our society is based on the ‘Danfo driver-teachers’ that we have in schools today. They take care of our Minds and we are simply a product of our minds today, the Bible says, ‘as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’ (Prov. 23 v 7).

You don’t have to continue in the bus once you discover that the driver may end your life, just get down and be safe.

I hope you have been inspired by this piece.

Be Inspired!



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