This may sound like tautology but certainly not; more so, since the name of our church is Foundation of Truth Assembly (lol).

Fact is defined as something known to exist or to have happened while Truth is defined slightly differently as conformity with fact, verity and reality from secular dictionary. The DNA of biblical truth is very rare and must be researched through study for us to fully comprehend it. The bible defines Truth as both Personified and Ideological, Jesus is Truth personified Himself (John 14 v 6) while The Word of God is the ideological Truth (John 17 v 17).
I stumbled into a scripture a few years ago that jostled me and ran into the same verse a few days ago, that is precisely why I have captioned this piece: Facts About Truth. The verse is in 2Corr. 13 v 8, ‘for we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth’. What a word, so authoritative and loaded with sense of finality on issues. Therefore we have to make effort to understand FACTS ABOUT TRUTH.

I will share about 5 Facts with us.

FACT 1: Truth is absolute and supreme. The above passage gives me the impression of the absoluteness of Truth on matters that have generated human debates. The bible should have the final say on matters in life without anymore controversy.

FACT 2: Truth is bitter and not always pleasant. So many people elect truth to be sweet but don’t ever like it when it is bitter. Truth by nature isn’t supposed to be pleasant and sweet but bitter. In ‘fact’ it is very bitter as scripture also pointed out figuratively in Ezekiel and Rev. 10 v 9-10

FACT 3: We can’t do anything against truth, it will prevail eventually. Many may disagree with certain truths in the scriptures but it will ultimately prevail in victory because we can do nothing against the truth but for it.

FACT 4: Truth is personified in Jesus. The bible tells us that Jesus is God’s truth revealed on earth for men to see and know. Quite a lot of people haven’t grasped how Jesus could have been that to humanity but it is a fact today. I totally expect us to appreciate Jesus as the manifestation of Truth and Grace as John puts it so succinctly in John 1 v 14.

FACT 5: Truth does not flatter or lie. The pure nature of truth makes it come out to men as clean without flattery or lies which are fruits of deceits and hypocrisy. Truth has no impurities in it and is pure enough to unsettle the impure in life.


There are many more facts about truth but will love to stop here for us to catch our breath as we distill this information.

Be Inspired!


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