The older pastor (Bishop Abel) looked at this younger guy (Pastor James), very new in this terrain (ministry) and told him boldly that God spoke to him to help James through the ministry, James was absolutely swept off his feet, that he could be invited to spend some time with this highly revered Man of God. He had looked up to this great man for years, now he has an opportunity to have lunch in his house on his dining table, what an awesome privilege!

Pastor James was unaware that this Bishop actually hadn’t heard from God but only lied, he was a fantastic liar for that matter because he didn’t give any ounce for suspicion and used the right phrases in persuading this young pastor. The story above actually happened in the scriptures, you will find it in 1 kings 13 about an older prophet who was a fantastic liar and misled the younger prophet into disobedience which eventually led to his death.

I like the way the Bible puts it, ‘He said unto him, I am a prophet also as thou art, and an angel spake to me by the word of the Lord, saying, Bring him back with thee into thine house, that he may eat bread and drink water. BUT HE LIED UNTO HIM.’(1 kings 13 v 18). The older bishop must have mesmerized this younger pastor with this Fantastic Lie about an angel that appeared to him. Most people will not tell such lies about seeing an angel but only few Fantastic Liars in life, knowing fully well that we all will give in when they mention the Visitation of Angels.

Apostle Paul warned us about such Fantastic Liars when he probably had one eye on this biblical event in his epistle to the Galatians, he admonished them not to believe him or an angel if they preach another gospel, (Gal 1 v 6-8). There are many Fantastic Liars in our world and we have to become very wise in discerning and discovering them. Let me share my fears about where they arrest us more in our world.


1.    IN POLITICS: This is the most fruitful field for Fantastic Liars and they have many ‘fans’ here who unfortunately vote these Liars into power and give them authority.  These Liars make promises they don’t intend to keep and give the impression that they will deliver the yearnings of the people but only seek their votes and nothing more. They are great orators in this field and sometimes we just don’t know how to catch them in their lies because they have ways of getting off the hook.

2.    IN RELIGION: This is the sad field to find Fantastic Liars because those who are here should always live above board in matters of integrity and honesty. The words of men of God should be golden and no one should ever doubt their intentions talk less of actions. However we have Fantastic Liars who live double lives and people believe them easily because they project they are speaking as Oracles but actually only as Orators. It is even sadder if these are older men of God and I’ve seen some in my short time in ministry….they are honestly Fantastic Liars.

3.    IN BUSINESS: The famously crafted code 419 from the Nigerian constitution that deals with advance fee for fraudulent activities is the field in business where you find Fantastic Liars. They have ways of convincing people and getting their monies from them unbeknownst to them. They take people to the cleaners and wreck their lives by robbing them off their income, though they appeal to the greed in man and those who are content may never become victims of these Fantastic Liars.

I want you to be aware of these people out there, there may be many more fields but just want to share these 3 fields with you and hope you are Inspired.
Be Inspired!



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