I ran into a scripture recently that broke my heart and made me loath democracy in its true nature. It is from the journey of the Israelites after they left Egypt and were faced with challenges which they did not prepare for hitherto. The people made a statement that brought Moses and Aaron to their knees with tears before Joshua and Caleb stilled the people and encouraged Moses and Aaron.

“Why is the Lord bringing us to this land only to let us fall by the sword? ….wouldn’t it be better for us to go back to Egypt? And they said to each other, “We should Choose a leader (political) and go back to Egypt” (Num. 14 v 3-4).

Could you imagine the thought of their hearts and disposition to life simply because they faced harsh challenges they did not prepare for or were not expecting? They actually were already plotting to Democratically Vote God Out Of their lives and choose another leader to take them back to Egypt; unbelievably sad.

I belonged to a church that was driven democratically and not really spiritually to a point, I felt so bad that leadership of the church was decided by the ballot box and which was perhaps why it became difficult for that church to make strides in the spirit and progress in growth.

I recall a meeting that I attended with Pastor E.A. Adeboye as the chairman and he told the pastors at that meeting very strongly as someone who has walked with God so closely, concerning God’s disposition to leadership, ‘God is not a Democrat… and I am also not one.’ I could not agree less with the revered man of God concerning how to choose leaders for church organizations and in life generally.


  1. WHEN IT TAKES YOU BACK TO EGYPT: Everyone must know where he is coming from even if they are not sure where they are headed. It is very important to know that Egypt cannot be compared to Canaan regardless of the kind of meals you were served in Egypt. The people decided to ‘choose’ a leader to replace Moses and desired to go back to Egypt. This was an unthinkable thing because man’s memory is short and they had quickly forgotten where they were coming from.


  1. WHEN IT IS IN REACTION TO HARD TIMES: Things were hard and tough in the wilderness, the people were not eating as much as they desired, hence the thought of going back to slavery because of food rather than patiently wait on God in the wilderness with Moses and get the best of God’s Blessings. It is very unwise to be democratic during those times in our lives.


  1. WHEN THE DECISION WILL TRUNCATE GOD’S AGENDA FOR OUR LIVES: The People were going to abort the purposes of God for them with their democratically elected leader as a result of momentary challenges in the temporary state. We should refrain from making hasty decisions democratically with our lives and gamble with our future; make sure God is leading you into the decision you are about to take. Do not Vote God Out Of your life emotionally and become a failure in life.

I’ll stop here for now and hope you have been Inspired by this piece. Shalom.



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