Several years ago, while growing up in the middle-class community of Surulere in Lagos, my brother and I used to snack on locally made popcorns with groundnuts (Guguruand Epa) regularly. The ladies that sold them to us were from the northern stock; very enterprising and quite industrious. The snack then was derided by our father because he felt it was meant for the less privileged and also may not be hygienic for us, but we enjoyed the snack so much that we defied him.

One thing we knew though was that Guguru and Epa was at best snacks for young growing boys in their late teens. We were still going to eat our meals (Lunch and dinner) as always with or without the snacks; the meals were usually heavier and larger on the plates than the snacks. I learnt early enough that snacks could never take the place of a real meal, and that has helped me in choosing delicacies for my meals.

Many Christians are snacking on the gospel and taking that for meals. There are many Guguru and Epa sermons that believers have mistaken for the real meal. Jesus said man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Preachers that do not spend time with the word have served their members Guguru and Epa as meal for the day, hence we have people feeding on snacks weekly without tasting the real meals ever.

The multiple service mentality is a good place to look and observe the kind of meals being served weekly ‘in a hurry’ Sunday service, it looks more to me as Guguru and Epa (gospel snacks) not full lunch that should have several nutrients. We have become lazy cooks as preachers hence serve 25 minutes sermons on Sundays to undiscerning members of our flock. The outcome is that they aren’t strong enough for life challenges and so marriages are failing, morals are declining, ills are on the rise, crime on all-time high, fear has gripped the hearts of men, man is being worshipped and so on.

Be inspired this morning to know that Guguru and Epa are at best snacks and not the real meals. Get the real meal by studying scriptures, buying CDs and DVDs of messages, supporting the spread of gospel, attend Word conferences, read Christian literatures, etc. May God continue to bless and keep you as you do so.

Blessings and Be Inspired.



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