The animal channel used to be one of the cable channels that fascinates me a lot, in fact my cable was perpetually on that channel for a long time before I switched to sports as my default channel, some might be shocked but that is the truth. While watching so many programs on animal channel, I discovered some profound hunting secrets of cats (Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Tigers etc.)

I’m amazed at the hunting skills of the king of the jungle; the precision and accuracy of this beast of the jungle coupled with the success rates also. I have often wondered if there are spiritual lessons to be learnt from the Hunting Secrets of Lions and finally found a connection with the enemy of our faith.

Apostle Peter tells us it is only those who resist ‘steadfast in the faith’ that will be devoured or those who refuse to be strong in their practice of faith that are going to be vulnerable to the devil. This is why I want to inspire you today on how to avoid being devoured by the enemy; the devil in our Christian walk with God.

The Bible tells us that the devil, our arch enemy, hunts like a ‘roaring lion’ looking for whom to devour; ‘Be sober, be vigilant, because our adversary the devil, like a roaring lion, walks about seeking who he may devour’ (1 Pet 5 v 18). This truth is awesome and triggered something in me about finding out how Lions hunt in the natural so that I may uncover some secrets of the devil as a roaring lion hunting for preys in the spirit.

Allow me to share a few of these secrets and link it with some morals for our spiritual walk with God on how to overcome the devil.


  1. Identify the Weak: The first thing the Lionesses do when looking for preys in their hunts is to identify the weak in the pack or herd of antelopes or buffalos. The Lioness looks for the weak and feeble, the animal who is young and lacks speed, the older one who is limping and perhaps wounded etc. This is similar in the spirit; the devil looks for the weak and feeble in the church, those who are bruised and wounded, and those who are limping and dragging their feet forward. No wonder Paul admonished us to help the weak in our midst and not kill them when they are fallen (Rom 14 v 1-2).


  1. Isolate the Target: The next thing the Lionesses will do with so much stealth and skill is to isolate this weak animal that has become the target for onslaught. They try to distract the older and stronger ones while isolating the weak to a corner, the plan is to have the target trapped in isolation with no help and support, once that is achieved, the target becomes scared, vulnerable, lonely and moves into panic mode, sometimes the other animals may come to the aid of the isolated animal but that rarely happens. The same strategy is deployed by the devil who knows how to isolate believers to a tight corner and makes the weak feel abandoned in their sins, the enemy knows that is the vulnerable state for him to attack, this leads to depression at times because of a feeling of rejection and loneliness.


  1. Attack the Target: This is the point when the Lionesses go for the kill, this is when they throw their weight on the target, propels a stumbling, falling and brings the target down. Very similar to the way the devil as a roaring lion attacks his victims with issues of life, work, marriage, health and ministry. The attack is usually very ferocious and merciless, it is to steal, kill and destroy as the Bible tells us (John 10 v 10).


  1. Choke the Wind Pipe: The lionesses know the place of oxygen for the body, they usually want their kill to be done totally in very few minutes, so they don’t bite and eat up the flesh until the target is dead and to expedite that process, they hold on to the wind pipe to stop the flow of breath into the target’s lungs. The devil also chokes our wind pipes in spiritual battles by ensuring a stop of spiritual ‘oxygen’. Since we all know that we are living creatures, the devil tries to kill our life in Christ by choking our windpipe for air. This he does by ruining our prayer life, bible study life and relationship with the Holy Spirit since these are the source of our breath in the spirit.

I hope you have been Inspired by the Hunting Secrets of Lions. Don’t be a prey or victim but ‘…be sober and be vigilant, because your adversary the devil is looking around like a roaring lion…’

Be Inspired!



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