INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali – JUDGE NOT

Imagine a world without rules, laws, regulations, opinions, appraisals, right doing and wrong doings etc. There will certainly be anarchy, our roads will be full of people driving in opposite directions, the schools will have students dressed as they feel, the broadcasters will air anything they like, the policemen will have a difficult time in maintaining Law and order, it is going to be hellish all around simply because the world does not have a sense of judgment.

I have often heard many believers bark out the words ‘Judge Not’ to silence people that make their views known on matters of moral concern in society. People abuse the phrase on social media a lot and is it not hypocritical that the same people are quick to make ‘political’ judgments against the party in power especially when it concerns our Muslim brothers from the north.

The Bible says Judge Not in Matt. 7 vs. 1 and Luke 6 vs. 37. I prefer the Luke version of the Account because it goes even further to explain the kind of judgment Jesus was referring to when he said, ‘Condemn not that you be not condemned’. We have to understand what the Lord meant by judging and not allow the devil to mess up with our minds with respect to judging because we all judge every day or else we will lose our sense of right and wrong.

Judging is expressing your opinion on right and wrong conduct; it may also mean passing a consequential sentence on the same conduct albeit, it is still your opinion. This opinion can be on a Moral, Political, Family, Social, Religious and any other matter in life. Therefore, you will agree with me that most of us Judge everyday of our lives. The husband judges his wife when he says the meal is not good enough, the kids aren’t tucked into bed early while the wife judges her husband when she says the bills aren’t paid, he hasn’t been responsible enough, he is godless in choosing his friends etc.

Do you know that our Lord Jesus told us to JUDGE RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS in John 7 vs. 24, when He admonished the disciples NOT to judge according to appearance but righteous judgments or Right Judgments? Judging is not as bad as people try to make it sound when under the burden of wrong doing, and they feel a weight of guilt within them, we should simplify the use of the word and practice it with Love more than Hatred. I don’t want to deceive us but those who Judge the most are those who are involved in wrong conduct


  1. WHEN WE TELL PEOPLE NOT TO JUDGE US: We just judged people when we tell them not to Judge us that is an opinion in itself.


  1. WHEN WE EXERCISE OUR CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY: Elections are political judgments. We judge someone better for the job and judge the other person bad.


  1. WHEN WE APPROVE A CHURCH BETTER THAN THE OTHER: The fact that you judge a church better than the other means you’ve just judged (expressed a conclusive opinion) the other church you don’t attend.


  1. WHEN WE CHOOSE CHANNELS AND PROGRAMS: There is another Big Brother Reality Show season and so many of us believers will not be watching the program hence we just judged the show bad.


  1. WHEN WE MAKE ELITIST DECISIONS: These are known by the choices we make about friendships and where we live in life.
  1. Brethren, we all Judge daily but what the Bible says is that we shouldn’t CONDEMN in judgment not that we should not Judge righteous or right judgments.

I hope you have been inspired. Shalom.


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