When the late Michael Jackson sang the song Man in the Mirror several years ago, it came with multiple messages and I’m sure he didn’t know it was Prophetic and also deeply scriptural. Some allude that the song was to correct his biological father who they claimed abused him while younger, while others just accepted the literal message of the song, which was addressing the changes that needs to take place in the political, social and moral scenes of the then world.

The Bible very clearly supports the notion of all of us Looking at the Man in The Mirror, and if we would be sincere with ourselves enough, there will be changes that should immediately take place in our lives towards our Neighbours. Let me share the two of my favorite scriptures when it comes to the Man in the Mirror philosophy today; ‘For if any be a hearer of the Word, and not a doer, he is like a Man Beholding His Natural Face In A Mirror, for he beholds himself, and goes his way, and straights you FORGETS what manner of man he was’ (James 1 v 23-24) and the second scripture is similar, ‘But we all, with open face beholding as in a Mirror the Glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory…’ 

I was deeply Inspired by that song (I don’t want to get into the debate of should Christians listen to secular songs or not for now), and every time I read the above passages, it further Inspires me more because the scriptures admonishes us to Look At The Man In The Mirror so that we should make changes in our lives. The problem with us believers is that we see other things in the Mirror whenever we look at the Mirror. Let me Inspire you today about The Man In the Mirror.


  1. THE MIRROR: Michael Jackson didn’t sing about the Mirror I am writing about today. I’m sure you know from your simple physics that there are 3 different kinds of mirrors and lenses, Convex, Plane and Concave mirrors, however I want to inform you about the most important Mirror of life, which is THE WORD OF GOD. James told the church to be doers of the Word not hearers only, because it will be like someone looking at the Mirror of the Word and forgetting who he is after leaving the scene of the Mirror. The Word of God is a Mirror that should help us see the Man we are looking for.


  1. THE MAN, JESUS: The Apostle Paul tells us about the first and important Man we should all see whenever we look at the Mirror of the Word, our savior and Lord, Jesus. The reason we all Look at Mirrors is to get better in life not just for the fun of it. Paul revealed to us that the Lord is the only Being that can make us better and ‘change’ us totally with His glory, hence we should Look at the Mirror of the Word to behold the Lord and as we do so, He will change us completely. He can be the Man in the Mirror.


  1. THE MAN, YOU: The second man and perhaps very critical to changing your life is You. We should take a closer look at ourselves in the Mirror and change towards the place of glory. Michael Jackson was of the opinion that the world wasn’t a good place because political, religious and moral leaders weren’t sincere enough to look at themselves in the Mirror to behold their errors, faults, spots, etc. When we wake up and dress up, we spend time in front of the mirror trying to ensure we look good enough, so we make ourselves up, knot our ties, dress up and we adjust ourselves based on the picture of the Man In The Mirror. This is very instructive and inspiring for all of us, so that we don’t forget how we look.


  1. THE MAN, OTHERS: This is the problem of every one of us and we inherited this from our first parents, Adam and Eve. We hardly see ourselves in the mirrors but others, we are quick to judge people; we see their faults, we see their errors, we play  the Blame game always like Adam blamed Eve, and She blamed the Serpent, etc. Michael Jackson was trying to address this issue with his song without scriptures, I am addressing the same with scriptures without a song, WE HAVE TO STOP SEEING OTHERS IN THE MIRROR BUT OURSELVES.

I hope you have been Inspired today and will make the changes required in your marriage, work, relationships with friends and family members because you have seen the Man in the Mirror. Start seeing God and You, stop seeing others.

Be Inspired!


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