The two wisest men that ever walked on earth shared the same opinion on the subject of Trash and Treasure; yet in two different books separated by hundreds of years in between them. The thought rings loud in my heart today; Solomon and our Lord Jesus warned us about not putting our precious Pearls into the custody of Pigs in life.

The two scriptures are found in Prov. 11 v 22, ‘Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion (like saying money miss road), while our Lord and Savior Jesus counseled us in a different way in Matt. 7 v 6, ‘Give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast you your pearls before pigs, lest they Trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you’. It is clear that we should heed both counsels and make sure we don’t give our precious things to Pigs and Dogs.

I am inspired by the above counsels and will love to share my modest opinion on what I believe should be considered Pearls and Holy to all men who have their hearts glued to scriptures for wisdom. Before I explain the pearls, let me quickly inform you about these dogs and pigs mentioned in the passages above. The Jews considered Pigs as very unclean for food or as pets, in fact that is why it is forbidden to be eaten by very religious Jewish community of old and now. They also considered the Gentiles as Dogs which is why Jesus used those two animals to describe what should never occur in life with respect to one’s precious pearls and stones.

The mention of Pearls simply means what is highly valued and precious to someone, they are one of the most expensive precious stones in the days of Christ, like what diamonds are to us today. Which is why we cannot afford to miss the Wisdom in the counsel of our Lord. I am challenged to dig deep and share my humble opinion on what I consider Pearls to a wise believer today.


  1. YOUR SOUL: A man is known to be unwise when he gives his ‘body’ to the best doctors on earth but ignores the nurture of his ‘soul’ to any pastor. The choice of a good pastor is better than that of a good doctor. I have seen this evil under the sun in modern day world, where people do not care about who they call Pastor yet will never call just anyone their doctors. The Bible tells us that Pastors watch over the ‘souls’ of men (Heb. 13 v 17)


  1. YOUR HEART: The Heart of Man is the seat of emotions and feelings. How convenient for some people to fall in love with just any woman or man, hence give the most precious thing to dogs or pigs. There are so many broken marriages because of broken hearts in relationships, we are quick to give our hearts to men and always find ourselves ‘heart-broken’. The Bible says we should ‘keep our hearts…’ or ‘guard our hearts…’ for Out Of it comes the issues of life (Prov. 4 v 23)


  1. YOUR TIME: The most precious thing in your life that is given to you by God and not within your control is Time. You have to redeem the time for the days are evil, beware of time wasters who do not do anything good with theirs and want to lure you to waste yours as well. They are gossips, backbiters, lazy people who just wander about doing nothing good with their time. One day they will wake up from their slumber and discover they are in their late 60s and then try to serve the Lord when they abandoned Him in their youthful days. Your time should be spent well and not wasted (Eph. 5 v 16; Col 4 v 5)


  1. YOUR CHILDREN AND FAMILY: Many People regret not spending quality time with their children, while several other young people have adopted the evil schemes of the West by ‘outsourcing parenting’ in today’s world. We should never cast the precious gifts (children) of God to dogs and pigs. Some of us have mentally outsourced parenting to teachers in school and House helps at home. Please train up your child the way he should go… (Prov. 22 v 6)


  1. YOUR FAITH AND TRUST: This is the last but certainly the most important, you must not put your faith and trust in Man but God. Never ever put your trust and faith in Man for they will fail you unlike God. This is very critical and hope we understand this point very well, the best of Man is still a Man, even some of us Men Of God have failed our members and we should let you know that we are frail and human at best. The Bible tells us to put our trust ONLY In God. (Isa. 31 v 1; Jer. 17 v 5)

I hope you have been inspired by these points above, please Protect Yourself by not giving your pearls to pigs.




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