I recall many years ago, being friends with this very talented young preacher; loved by all the sisters in fellowship, worded and well versed in scriptures in fact what I will call a preaching machine. I adored him and wished I had some of his very apparent talents and gifts because of the way he Led his youth group; one could tell that he had a great future ahead of him. One thing which was lacking in his life – Stability.

Reubenism is a new word in my vocabulary; it is neither a political nor religious word but really descriptive of people that are unstable and cursed in life. I’ll advise my readers to move away from such people and not align with them at all. Let me take you through scriptures and show you where I coined this phrase from, ‘Reuben, thou art my firstborn, My night, and the beginning of my strength, the Excellency of dignity, and the Excellency Of Power, unstable as water, THOU SHALT NOT EXCEL; because thou went up to thy father’s bed, then defiled it..’ Gen 49 v 3-4. What a Word and Person.

Reubenism is a phrase that describes people who are just restless in life and can’t seem to stay stable, they jump from church to church, looking for what doesn’t exist and showing their confusion in their quest. These are people who may be very talented and gifted like Jacob observed, but will not Excel in life because of their unstable attitude. His father was pained because despite the plethora of gifts and talents, Rueben who was the Excellency Of dignity and power, will not achieve destiny because of his instability.

The Apostle James puts this in a subtle way when he said, ‘that man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord, he is a double minded man, unstable in all he does’ (James 1 v 7-8). Very sad that such a person will not receive anything from the Lord …maybe from other people but not from the Lord certainly.


  1. JUMP FROM BED TO BED: Jacob spoke about Reuben moving around in beds, he even went to his own bed to defile it. Bed is a place of comfort and Sleep, they are so restless that move from church to church, they change companies regularly, never comfortable in a place but always exchanging their place of rest for others, looking for what they can’t get; life without challenges. Sleep in your own bed and stop jumping from bed to bed.
  1. IN A HURRY TO BE A FATHER: Reuben couldn’t wait for his time to be a father, so he tried to overthrow his father by taking his role. There are many talented young preachers, singers, skilled staffers, that just need to spend more time waiting patiently for their time but they believe in Reubenism, hence, they step out in a hurry to become fathers when they are still supposed to be sons learning the ropes.
  1. THEY MAGNIFY TALENTS ABOVE TIME: Reubens always feel Talents rule in life and ignore the place of Timing.  Jesus was full of the Spirit from His mother’s womb but had to wait for His time to show Forth (Gal 4 v 4). The Bible tells us there is time for everything (Eccl 3 v 1-10) including talents. I have met very talented and gifted people in ministry that ruined their lives because of the attitude of Reuben that they possessed. You should learn to wait in life to achieve your dreams and become a success.
  1. IDENTITY CRISIS: Though He was the first born, he lost his inheritance to Judah because he had identity crisis. So many people don’t know who they are and try to become other people like Reuben did. Don’t be delusional and appreciate who God has called you to be, you are uniquely created and made by God, so Treasure who you are and stop trying to become somebody else, you might just lose it all in life.

I hope this little piece has inspired you this morning and you will drop the attitude Of Reuben so that you may EXCEL in life.

Be Inspired!



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