I cannot recall how many times in the last few months that I clicked the ‘accept’ icon on the many devices that I bought and applications that I signed on to. The phrase Terms and Conditions is what pops up with unimaginable volume of letters to read while trying to set up a new phone, software application, mobile device and many of such. Like many of my readers this morning, I just click the ‘accept’ icon without ever reading the entire Terms and Conditions of the product.

The Bible is God’s Own Terms and Conditions for the protective and prosperous life He promised those who are signing up their Lives to Him as their Lord and Savior albeit, many times we get midway and start squabbling around in disgust and feel totally disappointed when things do not go our way. In the case of multinationals like Apple and Samsung, we just accept whatever comes our way because we know indeed that we didn’t read the Terms and Conditions.

The Lord said to us to ‘search the scriptures for in them we think we have eternal life, but they testify of our Lord Jesus…’(John 5 v 39). To put it in a different way, He means that the scriptures testifies that He is the embodiment of Terms and Conditions especially for those who want to approach God and please Him. Outside our Lord, whatever we try to do will be in vain, the Apostle Paul said, ‘in whom are hidden all the treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge…’ (Col 2 v 3).
The recent debate on tithing in church opened my eyes to the ignorance in the Body of Christ and also with teachers of the Word, indeed we are in the generation where there is really a Famine Of hearing of the Word, (Amos 8 v 11).

Let me share some secrets with you about how you can be aware of the Terms and Conditions Of Your Walk with God and what the Bible says about what we should do about the Terms and Conditions of our Faith.


  1. LET THE WORD DWELL IN YOU: I enjoin you to allow the Word Dwell in your heart by faith and become aware of His Terms and Conditions for a healthy life in Him


  1. MAN SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE: Our existence is both spiritual and terrestrial, hence as we feed the physical body, so we should also feed the spiritual as well. Our Lord admonishes us to live our lives fully by embracing spiritual food as much as feed the natural.


  1. MEDITATE ON THE BOOK OF THE LAW DAY AND NIGHT: Our Terms and Conditions are in the bible and one of the ways to unlock secrets of scriptures is through deep meditations. We should cultivate the habit of taking a verse a day to meditate towards nurturing our human spirit in Christ.


  1. HIS WORD IS SPIRIT AND LIFE: This thought is so refreshing and it is comforting to know that His Word is life and spirit as stated in the book of John. We should get life and spirit only through the same means.

I hope you have been inspired concerning the Terms and Conditions of our faith.

Be inspired!



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