The most popular and televised sporting activity on the face of the earth is starting sometime this week with many nationals supporting their country in the famous World Cup event. This is happening in a few days and I am personally excited as a football enthusiast.

The phrase ‘Underdogs’ is a bit worrying though it is factual naturally and we usually call teams that don’t have strength and skills to win the tournament underdogs. Nigeria is an obvious underdog in the forthcoming World Cup and is not even given the chance of emerging from the group by pundits, yet some may argue that we are not in the group of death.

I have been doing some thinking about ‘Underdogs’ from scriptures and trying to find out if there are bible verses that supports the notion of Underdogs in life. Are there people that we should just write off in life and give up on when it comes to success? I know economists will tell you that certain people without some qualities and qualifications will find it difficult to excel in life today but the Bible does not teach that at all.

Let me briefly Inspire you from the experience of Joshua and Caleb with the 10 spies of Israel, they were all commanded by the Lord through Moses to spy out the Land they would be given, these spies were chosen from each tribe of Israel and they were to bring intelligence about the Land. However, they were overwhelmed with the stature of the people in the land and developed an Underdog mindset immediately, hear what they said…

“And they told him and said, we came to the land where you sent us, surely it flows with milk and honey, and this is the fruit of it, NEVERTHELESS the people are strong that dwell in the land, and the cities are walled, very great, moreover we saw the children of Anak there…and Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said let us go up at once, and possess it for we are well able to overcome (we can win) it, but the men that went with him said, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO GO UP AGAINST  THE PEOPLE (we are Underdogs) for they are stronger than us.” (Num. 13 v 27-31)

The story above shows that it is possible for the Underdogs to win the battles of life. Many of us tend to think wrongly of ourselves and write ourselves off even when others are afraid of us. We focus on what others have that we don’t and ignore what we carry as grace from God. You are only an Underdog if you believe so but once you can take a closer look at what you have and Who (God) is on your side, then the equation changes.

The world has ways of tagging some people Underdogs and I am very worried that believers have joined them by chorusing the same, even to our fellow believers, simply because we are ignorant of the Greatness of our God. Those considered Underdogs are those without Education, Connection, Money, Fame, Visible Gifts, Political godfathers, etc.

Be mindful of the Truth that there is no Underdog with God. Nigeria can surprise the world during this tournament.

Blessings and Be Inspired.



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