Many concepts of God as our Father on earth are distorted by our dysfunctional understanding of relationships with earthly fathers. There are many believers who really don’t have productive relationship with God because of their terrible relationship with their biological fathers coupled with the ignorance of their spiritual fathers.

A big bishop recently threatened a curse on anyone who criticizes the fees he charges for the school he runs and tried to cramp God into such unchristian conduct. I felt very bad and knew that he was definitely using traditional views of fatherhood to practice spiritual fatherhood with his children in that church. There is no scripture that says men should not air their views about what man is doing, (I’m so sure GOD DIDNT FIX THE SCHOOL FEES) so no one can incur any wrath of God for challenging what man is doing for ‘money’.

Having said that, I am of the opinion that we should not abuse our relationship with God by using Him. Jesus taught us to pray and the most important lesson in our Lord’s Prayer is the first few words…‘When you pray, say “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name…'(Matt 6 v 9). This is where many people miss the mark and fail the test of prayers, obviously also reason why many prayers are not answered. You have to ask yourself about the kind of Father God really is and should be to His children.

We are aware of different kinds of fathers in our society today, and should not be ignorant of the fact that we believers take our dysfunctional understanding of fatherhood into our spiritual relationship with God, who is the Father of spirits. Let us take a closer look at some of our earthly distortions of divine Fatherhood:


  1. Big Daddy: The Big Daddy syndrome is the relationship that many people ‘generally’ have with a father figure in earth with so much money and graces. This person is like the patriarch of the family and everyone calls him Big Daddy. Grandchildren run to him for comfort when they are wrong, wives report their husbands to this figure in the family, disputes are settled by this person and so they arrogate quite a lot to Him as Big Daddy. God is not our Big Daddy but should be our Personal Daddy with deep personal relationship with His children and vice versa, many Christians have the Big Daddy upstairs relationship with God for money, grace, goodies, gifts, comfort, protection, without really doing anything to please Him.


  1. Sugar Daddy: The Sugar Daddy syndrome is a more popular one in the world over, this is practiced by young ladies having a relationship with a much older man (old enough to be their father) who is very ‘wealthy’ and ‘connected’. The relationship with this Daddy person is driven by money as well and the person also knows that very much. The ladies don’t have to necessarily have any affection for this Sugar Daddy but will only service him in bed, while on the other hand, this Sugar Daddy often times know that the ladies also have their younger men that they are truly in love with and probably dating for marriage. Modern day believers have turned God to their Sugar Daddy who they go to for money, help, goodies, connections, jobs, support, etc. they really don’t have to love Him and still have their idols that they serve with the goodies from the Lord. God is not a Sugar Daddy and we should not treat Him as such at all.


  1. Step Daddy: The Step Daddy syndrome is very dysfunctional and horrible because statistics tells us that most people hardly like their Step Daddies, even if they are wealthy and famous. The Step Daddy is the person who has a relationship with someone (ones mother) very close to you, so you benefit from the graces, goodness, kindness, largesse, gifts of this person because of your relationship with your mother. You don’t necessarily have to cultivate close relationship with him but your mother just has to continually be in his good books for you to continue to be blessed. This is very evident today with many church goers trying to benefit from their Pastors (mothers) relationship with God and so you also get from Him. God is not our Step Daddy and wants to have a relationship with all His children. This is why many prayers are unanswered today because we talk to God as our Step Daddy…’Our Step Father, who are in heaven…’, we know that we can’t hallow His name because we don’t bear His name as Step Father but the name of our real father (Flesh or the Old Man) .

I hope you have been inspired today. Shalom

Be Inspired!
Yomi Kasali (Rev)



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