Meet the Former Prostitute Who Now Counsels Couples and Using Witchcraft to Boost Orgasms (Photos)

A former stripper turned professional ‘s*x witch’ makes is now making a living coaching couples and singletons on pagan eroticism including casting spells to boost orgasms, Dailymail has reported.
The woman identified as Shaney Marie, 31, delved into the world of witchcraft after working as an exotic dancer and deciding her male clients needed deeper sexual connections. Marie who was born in New Zealand teaches magic sexuality across Australia and will soon take her booming business abroad – albeit by aeroplane, not broomstick.
Shaney, who identifies as both pansexual, which means not being limited by gender, and eco-sexual, which means finding nature and the earth sexual, said: ‘S*x witchery involves using ancient pagan ways of being to unlock greater pleasure pathways.
‘When I was a stripper, I noticed most men were coming to me in search of deeper connections and had nowhere else to turn to. I looked back to ancient times. There were once temples where men would seek counsel and healing from erotic dancers. This has been distorted.
‘Modern strip clubs are a power play. Men objectify women, but women pocket the cash. It is no longer a place of love, so I decided to return to these roots and bring on an awakening.
‘Phenomena like porn have also desensitised us. Spirituality is the best way this helps to recondition ourselves with erotic subtleties.’



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