Meet the Young Boy Who Allegedly Cries Out Tears of Blood Up to 10 Times Every Day (Photos)

This is Akhilesh Raghuvanshi, a young boy who has been oozing rivers of blood after suffering from the mysterious condition since he was just 10 years old.
According to Daily Star UK, the boy who is now 13, bleeds from his ears, eyes, mouth, legs and even his hairline up to ten times a day.
And the rare affliction – which replicates the wounds Jesus is said to have endured when he was crucified – has left the poor lad in excruciating agony and fearing for his life.
The bizarre phenomenon inspired Hollywood blockbuster Stigmata, starring Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette – famed for her roles in Boyhood and Boardwalk Empire – who played an atheist attacked by an unseen force.
But real life stigmata is said to affect a tiny number of people across the globe. Akhliesh loses blood without being actually cut or scratched.
The teen has baffled top docs who remain perplexed about the root of his condition, which triggers extreme exhaustion and crippling migraines.
His parents initially suspected he was dehydrated – and medics now believed he could have an ultra-rare condition similar to haemolacria – which gives sufferers half blood tears.
But they have been unable to officially diagnose him. Now Akhliesh is desperate for a cure.
He revealed: “I bleed from my eyes, my hands, my head – from everywhere. I bleed from my ears, nose and eyes as well. When I bleed from ears It feels warm.
“It may happen once or may be 10 times in a day. Sometimes, the bleeding will stop and won’t happen for months.
“But in the past 15 days I have bled almost everyday. It doesn’t hurt when the bleeding starts but it makes me tired and sometimes I have headaches.”


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