Money Showers as Gang of Armed Robbers Blow Up Cash Van in South Africa (Photos)

Money fell from the sky when a gang of armed robbers blew up an armoured security van to get at the £1.5million in cash locked inside, Dailymail reports.
Ten criminals in three cars forced the Cash Solutions vehicle off the road on the R71 near Gravelette, Limpopo, South Africa by dramatically shooting out the tyres.
They then attached explosives to the van then dragged the guards off to a safe distance and detonated the charges blowing the side and roof completely off the vehicle.
Such was the power of the explosion, parts of the van ended up at the top of nearby trees in a scene akin to the classic scene from The Italian Job where Michael Caine delivers the line, ‘You’re only supposed to blow the b****y doors off’, after a van is blown up.
A huge shower of notes billowed up into the air when several of the cash boxes inside were blown open raining rands down over a wide area on the roadside.
While two robbers stood over the guards at gunpoint the rest of the gang grabbed cash boxes full of money, each thought to have been carrying around £90,000.



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