Psalmuel Bib – Yhwh @PsalmuelBib | (GOSPEL MUSIC + VIDEO)

 Psalmuel Bib - Yhwh
Many thanks to Olúmide productions, Nigeria and Mikeys music in Belgium and the video productions by 10thousand pixels as directed by Safor Jnr. YHWH is a song that reminds everyone all over the world (irrespective of race, ethnicity, language, beliefs or religion) about the supremacy of YHWH. He is God all by HIMSELF. This song gives just a brief description about YHWH because no song in this world or in the world to come will be able to decsribe HIM. YHWH: QEDOSH YSIRAEL, ESH OKLAH, YHWH TSEBAOTH…. You are just a click away from the song YHWH… Download and Watch Video below



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