Queen Of Curves Rivalry Between Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj

American Music Awards host, SEXY Jennifer Lopez impressed with a revealing outfit at tonight’s American Music Awards – but the queen of curves faced competition from rival Nicki Minaj….
At 46 years old J-Lo proved she still has one of the best bodies in the industry with a tight jumpsuit which left little to the imagination.
The curvy singer hid her iconic booty in a fur coat but soon revealed her seductive tribal-patterned suit while performing on stage
J.Lo also danced to Nicki Minaj’s MVA award winning song, Anaconda while warranted an immediate standinq ovation though Nicki nearly stole the show with her impressive low cut pink and gold dress which perferctly revealed her assets…
Nicki beat J.Cole n Drake for the Best HipHop Album which she said was the heardest album she ever produced and performed…



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