Rapper Money Making begins ‘Chapter Two’ With ‘Twist And Switch’

onowu money making 2

Rapper Ikechukwu Okoro aka Money Making has put the struggles, ups and downs of his maiden album, ‘Good to Go’ behind him and is moving towards the ‘chapter two’ of his career with a brand new single loading.

The rapper who spoke in a recent interview, said he is moving on as the journey of music never ends.

“It never ends”, he said, when he was asked the next direction he would be taking.
Money Making whose last single was released before the launch ‘Good to Go’ album in March, 2015, further said that even when the journey does not end, there is need for some adjustments.

“I have done what I did previously, but I think it’s time to add a little twist and switch to make the world see that I still have much in my reserve tank.

“This is a brand new chapter in my career and I can call it chapter two because it will be the first step towards the release of my next album. I want to make it special, unique and worth all the effort I’ll be putting in”, he further said.

He then revealed that his new single titled ‘Ngwo Ngwo’ [Load] will be released on Monday, November 16, 2015 and when the songs drops, everyone will understand what he meant by ‘twist and switch’.

“Just like the single ‘Good to Go’ opened up everything for me, ‘Ngwo Ngwo’ will do more. All I seek is the usual support of my good people who have been there for me. I promise you a brand new Money Making and something that will thrill you.

“When asked about the next album, he said: “I don’t know, but it will be everything I represent: rap, hip-hop and good music. It is still very early to start saying when it will be released because we are just the passengers and music is the driver. If music is fast, then I will be of the same speed.

For now, I focusing on the new single, I think we should all be talking about ‘Ngwo Ngwo’ as the next big thing in the music industry”



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