See How This Bursty Lady Survives With Her B00bs In This Resession (+18 Photos)

Sugar Ann as she is self-styled is one of many Nigerian ladies in Lagos State who have resorted to ‘self-help’ in order to wiggle out of the current cash crunch crippling the most populous state in Africa – Nigeria.
The young woman who is blessed with enigmatic ‘pumpkins’ in their nicest natural form has decided to exploit her natural resources towards surviving in the commercial capital of Nigeria plagued with a high cost of living.
She is a prominent figure on the ‘Insta Messenger’ social platform on the Google Playstore where she displays her ‘wares’ for interested Nigerians to patronize. Insta Messenger is a variant of the popular picture and video uploading online platform – Instagram.
Her phone number is boldly displayed on her wall for interested people to contact her for pleasure services which are very naughty and juicy. Reports gathered reveal she charges a minimum of N10,000 and above for her services with Nigerian men steadily on queue to have fun with her.
Her special services such as breast f*ck, p*ssy f*ck, body massage and overally fun are clearly spelt out on her page as she has no time for pleasantries.
With the millions of Lagosians patronizing online platforms everyday, Sugar Ann seems to be creating an empire for herself simply using her bust.
See more enchanting photos of Sugar Ann below:



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