See Supermodel Who Was Charged With Murder Of Millionaire’s Ex Lover

A super gorgeous model accused of shooting her British millionaire ex-lover dead at his holiday home in the Costa del Sol is said to stand trial charged with murder soon.
25 year old Mayka Kukucova, was extradited from her native Slovakia after she fled Spain following the death of wealthy jeweller Andrew Bush, 48 in April last year.
The Bristol-based businessman was shot after turning up at his mansion with stunning new girlfriend Maria Korotaeva and finding Kukucova, jilted by her alleged victim six months earlier, waiting for him inside.
Kukucova told detectives she shot the dad-of-one in self-defence during a struggle after he fired at her but missed.
Kukucova has been held in prison in Spain since May last year.A state indictment against her has offered the first official account of how 22-year-old Miss Korotaeva took refuge inside her boyfriend’s Hummer after they arrived at his rented villa near Marbella to find his ex inside.
Locally-based prosecutor Jose Antonio Nieblas wrote:

“The accused, moved by the unmistakable desire to end Andrew Bush’s life and at a certain point in a row they were having, made a sudden and unexpected use of the .38 special-model Amadeo Rossi revolver that she was carrying.
“She shot Andrew Bush three times, the first shot hitting him in the arm and the other two in the head.Andrew Bush had no chance to react or defend himself against the unexpected and unpredictable attack which caused his death.
“In an attempt to procure her impunity, the accused placed the revolver in the dead man’s left hand, took the keys to his Hummer and left the house making sure she closed the doors and impeded immediate access from outside.
“Following that she fled in the vehicle after a heated argument with Maria Korotaeva.”

He broke up with Kukucova after a bizarre incident in which he arrived at his large farmhouse in Chepstow, Gwent, to find her handcuffed with a pillow over her head after a row when she hid his passport to try to stop him going on a business trip to the Middle East.
Kukucova told Slovakian police before her extradition to Spain that she travelled to her ex’s house to collect her belongings after being ordered to move them out by Mr Bush.

The New Girlfriend who was with him

She denied breaking in – insisting she picked up the keys from an agreed hiding place – and said she only stayed in the property while she waited for a friend to arrive from Slovakia.



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