See the Before Photo of Woman Who was Beheaded for Ritual in Lagos (Photos)

A photo of the woman who was beheaded in Lagos has emerged. The photo showed that she was a pretty woman full of life before her untimely death.

She was beheaded by a 61-year-old Toafeek Hassan, who was arrested on Monday with the head and other body parts of the woman.
Hassan later led policemen to a bush where he committed the act.
More of the dead woman’s body parts were recovered near Ikoga River in Badagry area of Lagos. The woman’s identity is still unknown, it was gathered that the woman had approached a Muslim cleric, Alfa, for spiritual cleansing in Sango Otta. The cleric was said to have taken her to a herbalist in Badagry, who in turn brought her to Ikoga community, where the supposed cleansing was expected to take place.
While waiting, Hassan allegedly sprayed her with a whitish substance, which put her to sleep. Thereafter, he dragged her into the bush where he butchered her.
On reaching the river yesterday, the policemen and the suspect used a boat to cross to the other side and walked for about 15 minutes.
The other parts of the woman—tongue, limbs, eyes and her waist, with a yellow and pink-coloured wrapper on it— were discovered near a cocoyam plant.
The recovered parts, according to Hassan, would be sold to herbalists and other clerics for money rituals and other concoctions for the cure of strange ailments.


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