This Shocking Car Accident on a Highway Will Terrify You…But the Driver Survived (Video)

A video has shown the moment a van driver had a miraculous escape when his vehicle was completely crushed by a toppling lorry on the M20. In dashcam footage, which was caught by a car travelling behind in July, the blue van can be seen driving behind a large HGV. The van later attempts to overtake the lorry on the London-bound carriageway, however the white vehicle begins to lose its balance. It then topples over – smashing into the passenger side of the van. According to Metro UK, the incident occurred near Hollingbourne in Kent. Sliding on its side across the roadway, the lorry then comes to a stop and the van comes back into view. The video, which was uploaded onto Idiot UK Drivers Exposed, attracted hundreds of comments. Many questioned how the driver of the blue van survived. Others criticised fellow road users driving round the wreckage instead of stopping. One commenter said: ‘Nobody seems that eager to help… mind you… when you see that van in the state it was in, you’re probably trying to prepare for the worst.’ Another person said: ‘Nobody stopped apart from the truck driver – too busy to stop and render assistance.’ Watch the video below:


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