This Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend In The Middle Of Traffic In Yaba, Lagos (Photos)

propose to gf in a traffic 3

We all thought it was a movie or photoshoot (due to the presence of the photographer) when this man went down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend! At that moment, the whole traffic stopped. That was when we knew it’s real life. Even the policewoman directing traffic had no choice but to watch in amazement. It happened at Agnes junction close to St. Dominic Catholic church/Our Lady’s secondary school.

It was later gathered that the guy had spoken to the traffic warden about his intention before he went ahead so the warden helped him steer away traffic for the minutes it’d take him to do his “stunt”. If not, with the kind of crazy driving in Lagos ehn, one vehicle would just com’an hit them without caring that it’s love they are doing…

See More Photos below

 propose to gf in a traffic 2 propose to gf in a traffic


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