This Kid Is To Be Official Named ‘Popcorn’ Because He Refuses To Be Known By Anything Else

3 year old, Diesel Roberts, is having his name changed to POPCORN – after his parents claim he refuses to be known as anything else.

Wales Online reports that his parents have been referring to their son as popcorn since he was in the womb.

His father, Huw said:

“Popcorn, it was the obvious choice, he was a bit of a fighter during Hazel’s pregnancy, and the kicks in the womb were like the popping that happens when you put the corn in the saucepan. It’s stuck ever since that day.”

Now due to start nursery in the coming year, Popcorn has taken such a liking to his second name that he refuses to be known by anything else.

“We’ve always called him Popcorn, it started off as a nickname but now he won’t answer to anything else,” said self-employed mum Hazel.

“We love the name, it’s fun and all of our friends call him it and like it too. There are a few people in the family who don’t really agree with it, but I’d rather not discuss them to be honest.”


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