This Photo Police woman posted on Facebook while on duty Has Got the Social Media Talking (See The Photos)

nadia garcia

A police officer caused a stir online after posing for a topless photograph while on duty and posting it on social media.

Nidia Garcia was supposed to be guarding the streets of the Mexican town of Escobedo, when she exposed her bre. Asts in a patrol car.

Shortly after her provocative photo was shared hundreds of times the police started internal investigation and the mother-of-two was suspended.

nadia garcia 2

She later took to her Facebook page once again but this time to write an apology, she wrote: “I was wrong in letting myself be photographed in my hours of work while still wearing the uniform of an officer.

I want to ask a huge apology to the secretary of security and Justice of proximity and more to my municipality general Escobedo for this immoral act on my part.

I feel disgusted by the great damage caused and the damage done mainly to my two daughters, followed by my husband, my parents, brothers and entire family.”

It is still unclear whether Ms Garcia was photographed by her colleague in the vehicle or it was a selfie. But the fact she was armed, wearing a uniform and on duty was the main reason of criticism.

Presently, the state’s internal police commision is investigating the case and to decide what chrages and punishment Ms Garcia would face




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