Buying your partner lingerie can be a nerve-racking experience. Don’t all guys desire to see their girl sexy in lingerie? Well, the answer to this is yes and the best way to go about with it is to buy delicate pieces for her yourself. Lingerie is not a cheap gift to give your partner. Those skimpy bras and lacy panties are way too pricey than you can think of. Purchasing lingerie for your partner can pep-up your romance as she is aware of its cost and will love you for it.

Looking forward to spend some quality time with your partner in the most romantic manner? Here are five tips for you guys that will serve as a guide to buying the best lingerie for your partner:

1. Sizing:

While gifting lingerie to your partner getting the perfect size is very important. It can be said that it is a base of your homework. A wrong step could land into cats and dogs fight between the two of you. Tensed? Don’t have to be. Here are quick and easy tips for you:

• Use your detective instincts here. If you have never done a detective’s job ever do it for this one. How? Simple the best way to know your partner’s size is to have peekaboo in her cupboard.
• If she is fond of trying different brands then all you need to do is jot down the brands and their sizes as size varies from brand to brand.
• If you still fail to succeed in the above two tips then the best time to know her size is when she is fast asleep. This tip should help you do your assignment well.

2. Choose your mode to shop:

Modes of shopping could be shopping at a mall, a small store or an online shopping. It is all your choice to choose which mode of shopping would be best and convenient for you. If you feel weird doing lingerie shopping at the mall in front of thousands of people you can opt for online shopping. You could also visit small stores, where the crowd would be less and there would be an added advantage of finding a sales woman who could guide you in getting the perfect lingerie for your partner

Smart Tip: Whenever you do online shopping always check that the items you purchase has a return back or exchange policy to avoid unnecessary expense.


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3. Best time to gift your partner a lingerie:

There is nothing as such called ‘the best time’ to gift your partner lingerie. You could surprise her with something playful and mischievous like this anytime to keep your love spark in the air.However, it could be gifted on events ranging right from festive vacations like Christmas to her birthday and from Valentine’s Dayto your wedding anniversaries.

4. Explore the options keeping her body shape in mind:

Here are few hacks that will help you to select the best suited lingerie for your partner as per her body shape. Choose to purchase lingerie that is either in silk, lace or stain.

• Go for babydolls if she is on a healthier side. You can opt for dark colours such as black to make your girl look slim.
• If you partner is tall, choose garter belts to make her appear sexier than before.
• Corset would be a good option if she is a bit heavy on the top. Corsets bring out great cleavage as it supports the bust.

Smart Tip: There exists a big difference between what men and women find sexy. So shop vigilantly!

5. Get the cup size right:

The naughtiness of this world lies all in stuff like moulded, padded, large and small cups. Here are some tips that will be of great help to you.

• Go for contour or demi-cup bra for smaller cup sizes like As and Bs.
• Moulded, minimiser or full cup are best for larger cups like Cs
• To get their tactile appeal go for silk, satin and velvets.
• For nightwear cotton and other comfy fabrics is a great option.

Smart Tip: Don’t go for anything that is strapless. It’s advisable to keep this part to your partner to decide upon.
So all you guys what are you waiting for? Grab these tips to light up the spark of romance and love in your love life!



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