Woman Spends Over N4m Transforming Herself Into a Real-life S*x Doll (+18 Photos)

A mum-of-two has spent £10,000 (N4m) transforming herself into a human “S*X DOLL”, Sun UK has reported. The woman identified as Cindy Moore has spent a year having a boob job, hair extensions and having her lips pumped three times a month to fulfil her dream of looking like a walking, talking inflatable doll.
She even splashed out on a car number plate that spells the word “doll”, and says she loves the “fake look” she has achieved. Speaking further, the woman revealed that as a result of her transformation, men can’t stop staring at her “big boobs” after she went under the knife to boost her cup size from an A to an double F.
She said: “I try not to go out clubbing too much because I get lots of stares and wolf whistles.
“I think some of it is because my boobs are so big.
“I get a lot of attention from men so I think I could be going on dates every night if I wanted to.
“But sometimes it’s like people don’t realise I’m actually a person and not really a s*x doll.”
But the mum from Salford, Great Manchester, says her extreme makeover is not finished yet. Cindy said: “I want another boob job and probably a tummy tuck. I’m lucky because of my skin I don’t really need Botox.
“I used to be around a size A, but now my boobs are double F’s.
“I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m trying to lose more weight and look even more like a sex doll.
“I’ve just always liked it when I saw the look on other people. I think it makes me look beautiful.”
She then had a £7,000 boob job and plumps up her lips three times a month with painful filler injections, costing £250 each. She explained: “When I first met my ex I was 19 and I had started looking like I do now, but definitely not as extreme.
“But after we had two kids I ballooned by about seven stone and kind of gave up on it.
“When we split last year I looked at myself in the mirror and just thought ‘this needs to go’, so I trained hard and cut the carbs and lost it really rapidly.
“I’ve always liked the bimbo blow-up doll look, ever since I was younger so I just started taking it to the next level.
“Since I split up with him I’ve felt good about myself overall because I had my boobs done and lost a lot of weight.”
Cindy says that she knew that the s*x-doll look was right for her after watching herself on Channel 5’s reality TV show 100% Hotter, which was filmed in December 2016 and aired in February this year.



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