Women Wish Men Knew These 7 Bedroom Secrets


1. Most women appreciate displays of affection outside the bedroom: This includes non-sxual touching and little bit of tenderness. A little stroke of your face or hair is part of it too. Unfortunately, men accept this within the four walls of the bedroom.

2. S3x isn’t separate from a woman’s life: It means she has to first get in the mood before the kissing and touching. Satisfying sx is as a result of a good feeling all day. Which means she can’t be passionate if her man doesn’t make her enthusiastic enough.

3. Women get turned-on by great talk: This is why some women have s3x after a great first date. Making her feel important while having good conversation is like an aphrodisiac. These intimate moments gets her in the right mood for s3x.

4. S3x shouldn’t be like work: Men sometimes get too serious in the bedroom, women love to have fun in the bedroom. Women are more relaxed when s3x comes with playfulness, this takes pressure from both partners.

5. Women sometimes feel insecure about their looks: For women who have been married for a long time, it’s quite normal to think her man may not find her as appealing as she used to be. As a man who cares a lot for his woman, it’s left to you to sense these insecurities and turn them around.

6. What happens after s3x matters a lot to her: The tender loving care a woman needs goes beyond main s-xual act. A woman appreciates it when a man knows how to go about these needs.

7. Great S3x doesn’t equal to an 0r-gasm: Most women enjoy foreplay than the actual s3x act. Although most men think they’ve done a good job when their women climax, but reaching orgasm isn’t always essential. What matters is the connection you both have before and during s3x.


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