Album: Josh2funny – A break from Jokes




Album: Josh2funny – A break from Jokes

Prominent instagram comedian Josh2funny has just dropped an Album he titled A break from Jokes, the comedian is known for his various roles he plays while doing comedy, he uses this album to unveil his musical part and for it to be in one album for his fans to take a break from his comedic side and listen to his funny musical side. This is going to be the first comedian in Nigeria to drop a comedy song album, this is one of its kind.

When asked why he chose to drop a musical album he said “music has always been my greatest tool to express himself even in comedy, I’ve always desired to do an album that will introduce people to the sound that has been playing in my head for long now, I am not planing to leave comedy, I am not the one taking a break I am giving you a break from my jokes to listen to some serious music” The 10 tracked album features high-life and other alternative sounds produced by Caution LXE and Shabba, also features talented Artistes Shayzar and Frankie Walter.

Album: Josh2funny – A break from Jokes Tracklist

1. Josh2funny ft Kreb & Davidsyn – Intro | DOWNLOAD MP3
2. Josh2funny – One Kind | DOWNLOAD MP3
3. Josh2funny – Ifeanyi | DOWNLOAD MP3
4. Josh2funny – Love by Force | DOWNLOAD MP3
5. Josh2funny ft Frankie Walter – Get to You | DOWNLOAD MP3
6. Josh2funny – Your Heart | DOWNLOAD MP3
7. Josh2funny ft Shayzar – Fine Wine | DOWNLOAD MP3
8. Josh2funny – Happiness | DOWNLOAD MP3
9. Josh2funny – Where | DOWNLOAD MP3
10. Josh2funny – I’ve Been Blessed | DOWNLOAD MP3

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