7 Unbearable struggles all pastors’ children in Nigeria face (Read)


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I really do not get why people who grew up with pastors as parents are always picked out from others. They seem to be judged everywhere they go and this is not only unfair, it is an impolite way of asking them to stop being natural.

I am sure many people who grew up as pastors’ children or those who grew up around them would understand this. Although this has generated a lot of speculation overtime, you would agree with me that pastors’ children are expected to live according to a set standard. They are always under fire for acting one way or the other.

It is also known that children like these grow up under enough scrutiny even while with their parents and they are subjected to more scrutiny when they go out as people expect them to be good examples to other people’s children.

If you grew up under these circumstances, then you will be able to relate with some of the things below:

 1. When you cannot dress the way you like

Being a pastor’s child in Nigeria takes away some of your rights. You may not be able to do age appropriate things and rebel like some of the other kids would. Wearing certain clothes may be off limit to you and you would always be reminded by outsiders that you are a pastor’s child and should not dress worldly.

2. When you have to attend Bible study no matter what

If you return from school at 4pm, you are expected to participate in the Bible study. Many people who grew up with pastors as parents may have to hold ‘church clothes’ to be able to join the service even if this is not convenient.

3. When missing a church service is a serious crime

Many pastors leave their wards at home when they are going for services in the church. We understand they have to get to the church early to organize things. Seizing that as an opportunity to get to church late or not to go at all would be a serious offence.

4. When people assume pastor’s children are the worse

Growing up is usually tough for most people who grew up under the same roof with pastors as people would always assume they are pretenders. Many people label pastors’ wards as wayward people and seem to expect the worse from them.

5. When you are being preached about

Parents that are pastors would always behave like other parents. The only difference is that the pastors have a forum where they could talk and be listened to. It may be a little embarrassing when your name pops up during the sermon and you end up being used to preach in church. You may feel a little bit naked especially when it is something you are not proud of and the parent-children privacy code is breached.

6. When you are expected to be in a unit in church

If you are a regular church goer, you would understand that there are different departments in the church. Being a pastor’s child means you are expected to function in one of those units even if you do not have the calling. Those who do not have the talent for singing might have been embarrassed when they were forced to lead the praise and worship. Also, you have to leave the church after everyone else is gone because you are the pastor’s child.

7. When the bell wakes you up every morning

It may be agonizing to hear the chiming of the bell early in the morning as the call for morning devotion. Having to wake up very early in the morning to sign praise and worship with swollen faces is something most people relate with.

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