7 Wrong Ideas foreigners have about Nigeria (Must Read)



There have been many misconceptions about Nigeria and her people made by foreigners; it is like judging a book by its cover. You would be surprised that many foreigners do not know much about this country or the little they know, they mix up the details with that of Africa.

Earlier, we brought to you some of the things Nigerians do not know about the rest of the world. We are going to be looking at the things foreigners do not know about this country as well.  Find out some of the things foreigners do not know about Nigeria below:

1. All Nigerians have royal blood

Don’t believe everything they show in the movies.

It is quite understandable that you watched ‘Coming to America’ and now have the impression that blacks have some royal blood coursing through their veins. The country may have deep cultural heritage but then, it is not the same as everyone being affiliated to some throne.

2. Africa is the same as Nigeria

It is a bit unsettling when foreigners assume everything is the same here. How absurd for them to think Africa and Nigeria happen to be the same place? Some even go on to assume you would know some Natalia from Kenya as soon as they know you are a Nigerian. Abeg, what is the correlation?

3. People from Nigeria speak ‘African’


How about saying they speak Italian? The fact that Nigeria is in Africa does not mean the language spoken there is one. There are numerous languages spoken by Africans generally and as a matter of fact, there is no language called that. Do you even read at all?

4. All Nigerians are fraudsters

It is rather unfortunate that you have been swindled by some jobless Nigerians in the past but then, not all Nigerians are involved in internet scam. Please, find it in your heart to forgive them and look beyond these ugly incidents. We hate to know that is what you think of us.

5. Lions are roaming the streets

While we love to pride ourselves with the fact that we have wild animals in the forest, we do not have lions and other wild animals roaming the streets in our country. Some foreigners think we are not safe because these animals probably lounge in our backyards.

6. The country is so primitive

Like seriously?

Over the years, Nigeria has been grouped under the category of developing countries but then, it does not mean that the country is primitive. Foreigners keep asking if there are five star hotels and restaurants because they think most Nigerians live in mud houses and huts. In truth, we enjoy trips to other countries but we can ‘flex’ in our country too.

7. Every man has more than two wives

This is really frustrating; the fact that some men have more than one wife does not mean that is the standard. Nigeria is not the base of polygamy. It is a bit funny when foreigners meet a Nigerian and assume he has more than three women waiting to grace his bed in the night.

Not like every man would not dream that but our resources are limited and only a few would.




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