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 – GOOGLE IT by  Rev. Yomi Kasali

I’m sure you have heard and said that phrase several times if you are like me who is an information enthusiast. Times have changed and are changing really fast, gadgets are evolving, our palms have become busier and family is becoming endangered by technology, our dependence or over dependence on digital platforms is apparent to all to the point that our very lives have been taken over by these modern inventions.

The third richest man on earth is the founder of Google and I’m not surprised because of the billions of people who use his search engine to get information daily about everything. Google has become a universal language that is understood by all men of all race and all tribes from all faiths. The power and influence of Google amazes me and sometimes I wonder if it can ever wane down. Google has become our new dictionary and encyclopedia of the modern times.

It is however amazing for the believer in Christ that we seem to ‘Google it’more than ‘Bible it’. The way we browse through Google is certainly more than the way we ‘Search the scriptures’. The search engine is perhaps trusted more than our bibles and the Holy Spirit. We ask Google more questions about life more than we consult the Lord in prayers and the Holy Spirit in relationship.

My fear is that the very wonderful information invention is undermining our very relationship with God daily and affecting our judgments in life generally. We search Google for answers to Marriage, Health, Money, and even spiritual life tragically. Many Christians have ignored searching the Bible for these answers and perhaps asking God for solutions.

The following are my submissions on why Google can never replace the Bible and we should never take Google as more important:

Google vs Bible

  1. Authorship and Source: The Bible is inspired by God (2 Tim 3 v 16) directly while Google is a compilation of ‘human’ thoughts and opinions on everything in life. The source of the Bible is the strength of the Book, it is God’s word written for mankind to understand His ways and thoughts at the same time to guide them in the paths of right and wrong.


  1. Moral Code: Google is amoral in nature while the Bible is a moral book with moral instructions and code. God expects Mankind to derive moral rectitude from regular study of His word and become morally conscious but the reverse has been the case in recent years because we have moved far away from the Bible and the world has become more immoral in disposition. Google is the greatest source of pornography and directs men to different horrible sites in life which is why it is amoral.


  1. Spiritual: The Bible is spiritual in nature and Google is just far from that but simply natural. Those who seek spiritual knowledge should read their bible daily while those looking for natural knowledge may be satisfied with Google and not the Bible. It is important to note that fact from now because Jesus said ‘it is the Spirit (spiritual) that gives life, the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit and life’ (John 6 v 63). Google isn’t spiritual and can’t give spiritual life.


  1. Facts vs Truth: Google is a compendium of facts while the Bible is the Truth for life and ministry. I really use Google when I need some facts on different contemporary subjects which are of interest to me most especially when studying for my sermons and articles, but always know that whenever I want the Truth on any subject, I always ‘consult my Bible’. Truth is eternal in nature and not a respecter of persons. ‘For we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth’ (2 Cor. 13 v 8),and Jesus prayed that Man will be sanctified with the truth ‘ Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth’ (John 17 v 17).


  1. Jesus Factor: The Jesus factor is the most powerful reason that gives the Bible an unquestionable edge over Google, even Google carries a lot about Jesus and the Bible and the scriptures prophesied the coming of Google several years ago in Daniel 12 v 4 ‘…and knowledge shall increase’. The Lord said in John 5 v 39 ‘search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and they are they which testify of me’.

I hope you have been inspired today to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES more than you Search Google so that you may know the truth, accept morals and love God.

Be Inspired!
Yomi Kasali (Rev)



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