I know this title will generate interest from my readers today and everyone wants to know the ‘wrong’ I am apologizing for. The question therefore will be why would it be strange to all if I admit to an act of wrongdoing, why should the topic of Inspire today cause interest from many quarters, why should I not say ‘Sorry’ when I am truly sorry?

By the way, the Apostle Paul Inspired the topic of today’s article not any particular experience of mine. I bumped into this scripture verse a long time ago and fell in love with the Holy Spirit more because He Inspired Paul to be truthful in wrongdoing when He penned down his thoughts thus:
“…forgive me this wrong.” 2 Corr. 12 v 13. It was awe inspiring that the articulate Apostle Paul could be wrong and then admit it publicly in an epistle that was to be read to all and sundry.

A few months ago, I sat in my office with a lady that was upset with me because of some hard decisions that I took regarding her sister’s wedding and so on. She and I had this peace meeting and she was aghast when I apologized to her for some of the things that I did, in fact I told her to convey my regrets to her sister because I believed some lies told to me by some people that I trusted. She told me that she was impressed with my simplicity and honesty (which to me weren’t anything at all), because most people of my status would hardly admit that they were wrong and that got me thinking.

The reasons people don’t admit that they are wrong is very inconsequential if they would only understand the results of admitting that they are wrong. Those who fail to admit wrongdoing are feigning deity when they are simply human. I have complied a few of those reasons hoping you will be Inspired to do the right thing in life by admitting you are wrong and not stick foolishly to the wrong thing.

5 Reasons People Don’t Admit Wrong Doing 

1.    Cultural Reasons: Many people out there believe it is culturally wrong for an adult to admit wrong doing to younger ones even when they are wrong and the effect of such acts can be devastating to the younger ones. Like a father marrying many ladies foolishly and not explaining to his upcoming children that it was pre-marital pregnancies that plunged him into polygamy. Cultural reasons may be understood in some cases but in those cases that have the capacity to produce calamitous results in the lives of the younger ones, I support coming out clean and admitting wrong doing.

2.    Ego: There are many whose ‘egos’ would be wounded and bruised if they admit they are wrong hence would rather sweep the matter away or under the carpet than publicly admit wrong to those offended. I see this a lot in marriages and with our brothers, they feel admitting wrong to their wives (who they conveniently call weaker vessels in these cases) would bruise their egos and the ladies would jump up with joy of ‘winning’. Hey, there should be no ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in family debates but ‘friends’ always, hence just admit you are wrong and move on.

3.    Spirituality: This is very sensitive with those of us in pastoral leadership, because our members see us as Men of God, meaning all our opinions ‘must’ be seen as THUS SAITH THE LORD, since God can’t be wrong, we should never admit to be wrong as well. This is killing the church and weakening the integrity of the ministers, because there are times that those people really do know that we are wrong and wonder why we won’t admit. I recall the prophecies and ecclesiastical positions of great men of God during the 2015 elections, after the ruling party lost the elections, many preachers still didn’t say they were wrong but that the former president Jonathan didn’t fully obey God …what a word! We should simply admit we are wrong and ask for forgiveness like Apostle Paul did.

4.    Sign Of Weakness: There are people who believe admitting wrong in life may show weakness and not affirmation. This happens a lot in the workplace environment where the boss wouldn’t want to admit his wrong so that subordinates don’t adjudged him as weak, so he tends to hold on to the wrong opinion than just admit and move on. Admittance of wrong isn’t a sign of weakness but rather meekness with maturity.

5.    Laughing Stock: This is perhaps the most foolish reason why people don’t admit wrong but believe me it is right there on the top of the pecking order as the most popular. People don’t like being laughed at so will sometimes maintain a wrong position in life and avoid admitting their mistakes. My older brother once stuck to his point foolishly several years ago when we were in our teenage days, he goofed when speaking at the dining table on the phrase ‘New Brand Spoon’ instead of ‘Brand New Spoon’, he argumentatively held on to his point that he meant the ‘brand’ of the spoon was new and not just the spoon…we still ended up ‘laughing’ at him anyway.

There may be many more reasons why people don’t admit wrong doing, errors, and mistakes in life, ensure you don’t join them, it is a sign of maturity in life to simply say…’forgive me this wrong’, like apostle Paul said.

Be Inspired!
Yomi Kasali (Rev)



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