Ladies Finally There Is Now A Reason To Justify Why You Should Move Around Without Panties (See Here)


A New York City woman who had a unfortunate accident. This is kind of accidents that usually happen to men, but because the lady in question decided to go commando, she had herself to blame at the end.

You see, the woman decided to enjoy a day out in her favorite pair of skinny jeans. And well, she also decided NOT to wear any underwear with them.

When the young lady was taking her trousers off that evening, she pulled the zipper down TOO QUICKLY and got CAUGHT. Ouch!!!!!

She took a photo of what happened to remind her why she must henceforth always wear panties under her clothes. (If you want fresh air there, buy a standing fan and use it at night when nobody is looking. Lol)

She then went to the emergency room, and had to have the zipper surgically removed from her . . . err, womanhood, as we called the va g!na in more modest times .

See the photo of the traumatised woman- hood HERE


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