Audio + Lyrics Video: Odun De – Oluwatunmise (Omo Baba Imole)




Odun De by Oluwatunmise (Omo Baba Imole) is a song that expresses gratitude to God for the end of a successful year, and the beginning of a prosperous one. The timeless but evergreen culturally-enriched song is written and performed in Yoruba language with a flow fit for the yuletide season and always. Oluwatunmise also referred to as ‘ọmọ Bàbá Ìmọ́lẹ̀’ is a music minstrel, songwriter, radio presenter, and fashion designer. A daughter of an Anglican priest, trained in a Christian home with Godly virtue, she joined the choir at age eight and is still a member of the choir. Apart from writing outstanding songs for the world, Oluwatunmise is also a lead vocalist in her worship center. Her vision is to create Godly music that will minister to souls and bring people to Christ with her songs, in the absence or before any word ministration. ‘Odun De’ is her debut single, in focus for her upcoming album to be released in 2021.

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