BandHitz: Your Musical Journey Across Genres – Afrobeat to Jazz

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BandHitz Your Musical Journey Across Genres - Afrobeat to Jazz

Embarking on a Harmonious Journey: The Genesis of BandHitz, Lagos’ Premier Live Band

In the heart of vibrant Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, a captivating tale unfolded on the 17th of May, 2020. BandHitz, a remarkable quartet of musical virtuosos, united with a purpose—to redefine the essence of live music. Their aim was both simple and profound: to create a symphony of sound that resonates with diverse tastes, allowing every listener to discover their own piece of musical enchantment.


Meet the Maestros: Your Guiding Stars Through Musical Realms

Allow us to introduce you to the architects of melody behind BandHitz. Ayobami Joshua, affectionately known as Jay On Drums, sets the rhythmic foundation, infusing life into their harmonious creations. Adeleye Ebenezer, the mystical FemiKraft, conjures enchantment with the auxiliary keys, adding a touch of magic to their compositions. Uwanni Gideon, the virtuoso on the bass, weaves a magnetic groove that captures hearts. Leading this melodic expedition is Koroma Tosin, the ingenious Mr Soul, weaving vibrant tales through the mastery of the main keys.

From Note to Note: BandHitz’s Musical Odyssey

Imagine a journey of sound that effortlessly shifts from the infectious cadence of Afrobeat to the soulful whispers of jazz, and beyond. This is the musical voyage crafted by BandHitz. More than just musicians, they’re the conductors of a mesmerizing symphony, navigating through genres with each performance. Their live shows transcend mere melodies, immersing the audience in an experience that resonates universally, regardless of their musical inclinations.

BandHitz Your Musical Journey Across Genres - Afrobeat to Jazz

Collaborations that Transcend: Icons and Corporate Bonds

BandHitz is not only renowned for their exhilarating performances, but they have also earned their place in the limelight through their collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry. Their seamless synergy has graced stages alongside Ice Prince, Olakira, Gyarkie, Seyi Shay, Chinko Ekun, Vector, Oxlade, Laycon, Bad Boy Timz, Zlatan, Raybakah, Cobhams, Waje, Omawunmi, Awilo, Falz, Lade, Crayon, and Kizz Daniel, to name just a few. These collaborations have solidified their status as true musical powerhouses.


But BandHitz doesn’t stop at creating musical magic on stage. They’ve also established themselves as sought-after partners for big brands such as MTN, Jameson, Redbull, Chevron, Campari, and Shell, showcasing their versatility and appeal to a wide range of audiences. Their ability to seamlessly blend their artistry with corporate settings has made them a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

A Triumph of Versatility: BandHitz’s Victory in Trophy Extra Band Season 2

Proficiency in a single musical style is impressive, but seamlessly traversing genres is truly extraordinary. BandHitz etched this mastery in history by clinching victory in Trophy Extra Band Season 2. A win that not only speaks of excellence but also exemplifies their ability to shine across the kaleidoscope of musical landscapes.

Beyond the Spotlight: BandHitz’s Multifaceted Musical Aura

Beyond the glitz, BandHitz extends their artistry, offering a medley of musical services. Their Live Music Performances traverse genres, delivering a musical feast for every auditory palate. The vibrant energy of their Live Band DJ sessions transforms gatherings into unforgettable celebrations. But BandHitz’s essence extends further; they’re fervently crafting their own musical compositions, imprinting sonic canvases that leave an indelible mark.

Stepping into 2023: BandHitz’s Continuing Journey Through Harmony

As we step into the new year of 2023, BandHitz continues to embark on their melodic journey, bringing harmony and joy to their audiences. Let’s take a closer look at the different aspects that define their ongoing musical adventure:

BandHitz Your Musical Journey Across Genres - Afrobeat to Jazz

  1. Musical Versatility in Full Swing

BandHitz’s unique charm lies in their ability to effortlessly switch between different musical genres. Whether it’s the infectious rhythms of Afrobeat or the soothing notes of jazz, their music resonates with a wide range of listeners.


  1. Live Performances that Captivate


Diverse Musical Palette: BandHitz’s live performances are a musical potpourri, offering something for everyone’s musical taste.

Energetic Atmosphere: Their live shows go beyond just playing songs; they create an immersive experience that engages the audience’s senses.


  1. Collaboration and Musical Bonds

Sharing the Stage: BandHitz has had the privilege of performing alongside popular artists like ICE PRINCE, OLAKIRA, and GYARKIE, enhancing their musical reputation.

Bringing Brands to Life: Through collaborations with well-known brands such as MTN, Jameson, and Redbull, BandHitz brings a unique musical touch to corporate events.


  1. Triumph in Trophy Extra Band Season 2

Versatility Recognized: Their victory in Trophy Extra Band Season 2 highlights their ability to adapt and excel across various musical genres.

Proof of Excellence: This achievement underscores their dedication and talent in delivering outstanding musical performances.


  1. Beyond the Stage: A Holistic Musical Experience


Spreading Joy: Their Live Band DJ sessions infuse life into events, ensuring that everyone has a good time on the dance floor.

Creating Original Soundscapes: BandHitz’s passion goes beyond performances; they’re also actively involved in crafting their own unique musical compositions.


  1. A Melodic Journey that Continues

Welcoming 2023: As the calendar turns, BandHitz’s melodies continue to captivate audiences, creating a sense of togetherness through their music.


Celebrating Diversity: Their music transcends boundaries, promising to resonate with people from various backgrounds and musical preferences.

As BandHitz serenades you through their versatile melodies, they invite you to be part of their musical narrative. Whether you’re dancing to their rhythm or swaying to their tunes, their journey through harmony is a celebration of the magic that music brings into our lives.


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Phone: 08133932591

BandHitz is more than a band; they’re your partners in creating unforgettable musical experiences. Join them in their continuing voyage through melodies that uplift the spirit and unite hearts in harmony.

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