Can Eguavoen bring success to Nigerian football?




With head coach Gernot Rohr gone after a string of poor performances, it is now down to Eguavoen to bring success to the Super Eagles. Of course, Eguavoen is no stranger to the world of Nigerian football, but his history is somewhat of a mixed bag. Those involved with sports betting in Nigeria will be looking at his past performances in detail before they decide where the smart money will go.

Eguavoen has taken on the job with the Africa Cup of Nations just around the corner. With so little time to go, is he capable of delivering a team that can grab victory or has he been set up for a fail? His predecessor took Nigeria to the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia and secured third spot in the 2019 African Cup of Nations. This leaves Eguavoen with a great deal to live up to. Let’s have a look at how he is likely to fare.

Eguavoen on the international stage

What goes in Eguavoen’s favour is the fact that he is no stranger to the international stage. As a player, he was part of the squad of 1994. This was the squad that went on to qualify for the World Cup – the first time in the history of Nigerian football. It was in the same year that the Super Eagles went on and won the African Cup of Nations.

After an impressive playing career for club and country, Eguavoen took the next logical step into coaching. After stints elsewhere, he was appointed Nigerian coach in 2005. In 2006 he led the team to third place in the African Cup of Nations.

A return to Nigeria

Eguavoen spent time coaching clubs in South Africa before he returned to the Super Eagles in 2010. It was then that he was appointed caretaker manager. He had no intention of taking the job permanently but the experience that he gained can only be beneficial for the situation that he now finds himself in.

At the same time, Eguavoen was also the head coach of the Nigerian under 23 team. His plan, and his goal, was to lead the team to the 2012 Olympics in London. The team didn’t make the grade and after failing to qualify, Eguavoen was quick to resign.

A downward spiral?

Showing how quickly he was willing to jump ship may bring Nigerian fans a little concern as they approach the African Cup of Nations. The problem is that this isn’t the only time that Eguavoen has jumped when he has failed to deliver. He became the manager of Sharks FC and resigned after only 7 games as the club was rooted to the bottom of the table.

April 2017 saw Eguavoen joining Sunshine Stars. This was another short-lived appointment. This time around Eguavoen was pushed rather than jumped. He experienced a string of poor performances that were topped off by a home defeat at the hands of Plateau United.

What Eguavoen needs to succeed

Despite a tendency to walk away, Eguavoen has proven himself as a more than capable coach and manager. His playing experience means that he understands the game inside out and appreciates the challenges that his players face on the pitch. What he needs from his players is a similar appreciation.

The truth is that Eguavoen has inherited a team that is in good shape. With their support and the support of Nigerian football as a whole, Eguavoen will be able to get his head down and deliver his job. If he can see the Super Eagles claim the African Cup of Nations, the future will certainly be bright.

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