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 Jessica David - Supernatural God

Gospel music minister , Jessica David is out with a new single titled ” Supernatural God.” The song is and expression of GOD’S GREATNESS. He is of a graceful song By calling HIM “Supernatural GOD” I simply imply that HE IS THE GOD OF ALL AND THE FATHER OF ALL SPIRITS. To HIM Be All The Glory And Praise Now And For Ever. Produced by Kc Humble

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Lyrics: Supernatural God By Jessica David

Chorus (supernatural God)
You are beyond eternity (supernatural God)
You are beyond creation(supernatural God)
You are beyond International  (supernatural God)
You are beyond the whole world (supernatural God)
Lord you’re bigger than the whole wide world) 2× (supernatural God)
You are beyond the whole world oooh (2×)

Verse 1
Something special about you lord
Something happens when I mention your name
Lord you’re name is super great
How majestic are you lord
Yes in all the earth
Beyond description
Too marvellous for world
Oh God you’re supernatural
Super great, super wonder
Super mighty beyond description. Supernatural,
Your beyond eternity( 2×)

Repeat Chorus

Super glorious superior to all creation.
You are beyond eternity
You are beyond creation
You are beyond, beyond 2×

Semi chorus ) super! super!! super!!! super!!!!

(Solo) you’re beyond eternity
You’re beyond creation
You’re beyond International
You’re beyond the whole world oooh (2×)

Verse 2

supernatural 2× idimma aah oooh (response)
super power onyeoma onye nwere gi eriela
Onye jurugi juru ndu (solo idimma)

Repeat chorus
(Solo idimma aah)

Repeat chorus
( continuous response: super)
Solo; ekwueme, onyeoma, chinenyendu, odogwu, 2x .onyenagworia, onyenenyendu, mighty God, great God super aah onyenememma, awesome God, super aah, super power   super wonder super mighty, super great, super aah, super aah, super wonder, super great, great and mighty God, my redeemer, great healer, mighty God, you’re the king of kings and the lord of lords, ancient of days, awesome wonder, you’re the wise councillor, impossibility      specialist, awesome ruler, mighty healer, you were crucified and you rose again what a mighty Go **d, super aah, super aah ( repeat response, super power onyeoma……..

The End

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