INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali – GODFATHERISM… The Nigerian Way


The Vice Chancellor received a call from someone at the other end and was all shaking saying, ‘yes sir, okay sir, No Problems, anything for you sir, You are my Oga sir…’, silently, I wondered who he was talking to but no sooner had the thought come did my mother who was a very good friend of his blurted out the question and the VC replied her, ‘that is my Oga o, he wants admission for a person who flunked Jamb and I had to oblige him’.

The above scenario is a typical display of ‘godfatherism’ which is very evident in our Nigerian society. The Nigerian Church today has also presented our God in Heaven as a Godfather rather than our ‘Father God’ to the teeming masses that attend our weekly services. We infer that this ‘Godfather’ in heaven will ‘lift’ up people that have no qualifications, not prepared for any position, lacks character in life, mediocre in attitude and basically lazy.

We have erroneously taught people that the ‘Godfather’ will use His Divine Connection to get us and our children admissions into University Without passing exams, get us our Breakthrough jobs without passing interviews, give us our big dream contracts without experience, give us our houses without down payments, give us ‘Favour Without Labour’, Provide our dream cars for us without a job. The list is endless of what this ‘Godfather’ in heaven will provide for His children on earth.

The Lord’s Prayer explains in details how our Father God operates from heaven which is totally different from the Nigerian Way; ‘Godfathersim’.

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.  (Matt 6 v 9-11)

Reading the above passage, it is obvious that God is our Father in Heaven and we should pray that His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven not the other way around, we have taught that ‘His Will be done in Heaven as it done on Earth’ Or Nigeria more specifically. It is sad and unfortunate.


  1. PROMOTE MEDIOCRITY ABOVE COMPETENCE: I am sure you have noticed that the Nigerian Way is who you know not who you are. In different spheres; politics, business, education religion, we have seen ‘Competence’ thrown into the trash can in exchange for who you know; godfather. A recent occurrence is what happened in the Lagos State House of Assembly when they dropped one of the brightest minds in the hallowed chamber for thugs disguised as technocrats.


  1. WORK BEFORE YOU EAT: Paul told us that ‘…he that does not work should not eat’ (2 Thess. 3 v 10-12). In fact it is a commandment of our Lord Jesus but the Nigerian Godfathers love to give food to thugs and arm them with guns while those who work are owed salaries and sometimes starved as well. We should encourage dignity of labour so that anyone who is lazy is flushed out of the welfare structure we have created.


  1. DISHONEST GAIN IS EVIL: Our Heavenly Father shuns dishonest gains but our Nigerian Godfathers thrive on corruption which we have fuelled appropriately by singing their praises everywhere including our churches and mosques. In fact we give them titles and celebrate them which is why we have the Yahoo Boys Building their own empires from internet fraud and proceeds of dishonest transactions.


  1. GO AND REPEAT A CLASS AND DON’T SKIP THE PROCESS: This is very lamentable because it’s the parents that have taught their children that one can get admission into schools without passing exams. They go and bribe their way through for their children instead of telling them to repeat the classes and subjects they failed. It is not good but evil and we are The Godfathers from home that these children see and want to be like.


  1. I KNOW THE POLICE: Some People Encourage truancy and thuggery because they have the police in their pockets and so we live a life of Godfatherism but our Father in Heaven will have all men face the music for their crimes and offenses without skipping the process. He said we should ‘visit the prisoners’ meaning He expects them to be sent to Prison not bribed out of prisons.

My heart is saddened with the fact that we have built a corrupt system in Nigeria and expect an American society… it will not happen until we change our ways. The Nigerian Way is not a good way but the Heavenly way.

I do expect to read your feedback on how this article has blessed you.

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