We have entered the season of defections in Nigeria politics. It occurs every four years with some people cross carpeting to other parties looking for different things from significance to automatic nominations, one very prominent politician referred to one major defection as Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish. I was shocked because how could you live with bad rubbish for years and had to wait for the person to leave before you celebrate the defection, well I honestly do not want to bore you because it is not my turf, so I will discuss what I am more comfortable with.

I want to share my experience as a pastor with respect to ‘defections’ or ‘exodus’ from churches. I have had my painful share of people ‘leaving’ our church or even my person after spending time together for years in ministry. Those times have not stopped and I do not think may even stop, but one thing I have to stop doing is crying over some exits from both my life and church; this of course is very scriptural and I will take us through some biblical experiences of exits from people that eventually became beneficial.

The day many people left Jesus because of His principles and message in John 6 is a perfect example of Good Riddance but many people will not want to agree. You have to understand that our Lord did not really mourn their leaving but rather asked those that stayed back (the apostles) if they were not going to join the crowd by leaving Him. What boldness! ‘many therefore of His disciples, when they had heard this, said, this is a hard saying, who can hear it… from that time many of His disciples went back and walked no more with Him, then said Jesus to the twelve, will you also go away’ (John 6 v 60-67).

There are about 4 times you should celebrate people leaving you as Good Riddance without considering them as Bad Rubbish because there is no Bad Rubbish with God. He is the Saviour of the world and knows how to repair man’s life that is broken in shame and sin. We should not be depressed however when some people exit our lives but just consider it as Good Riddance while the Lord moves you to the next level of your assignment in life.


  1. WHEN YOUR ‘LOT’ LEAVES YOU: Remember that Abraham was called to leave his father’s house and people, yet he took Lot along his journey. God had to trigger the exit of Lot from Abraham’s life and blessed him much more thereafter. Sometimes we hold unto our ‘Lots’ because they are family members and we feel responsible for them but they may not be ‘covenant’ partners though they are ‘family’ members. We need to see Lot leaving as Good Riddance but please note that they are not to be treated as ‘Bad Rubbish’ (Gen 13 v 6-12).


  1. WHEN YOUR ‘BROTHERS’ SELL YOU OUT: Sometimes the People May not leave you but sell you out or cast you out of their midst like Joseph was sold by his brothers. The experience may be very painful and heartbreaking and you probably have always wanted to be in their company but they just cannot stand the ‘Favor’ Of God on your life hence they will engineer your leaving them which is actually Good Riddance Without you knowing until you get to your land of Blessings (Gen 37 v 20-30).


  1. WHEN YOUR ‘GEHAZI’ LEAVES YOU: There are some people around you that are there to ‘use’ you to climb and just want to benefit from your grace without contributing to it; they are what we call ‘parasites’ in ministry not ‘protégés’ but Called ‘users’ in life and marketplace. Never try to hold on to a ‘Gehazi’ because their hearts are not with you but your money, blessings and gifts. I have actually had to cry in life because I took some ‘Gehazis’ into my life and inner circle thinking they are ‘protégés’ but only to learn with their exits that they were parasites. Let them go, and treat the exits as Good Riddance but don’t treat the people as Bad Rubbish because God can meet with them in the future.


  1. WHEN YOUR ‘JUDAS’ LEAVES YOU: Finally, Let your ‘Judas’ go and fulfill why they were around you in the first place; to help you get to the place of your cross before your crown. They are the most painful people to exit our lives, simply because we shared our best moments with them, our dreams, goals, visions, aspirations and assignments not knowing they are going to be used by the devil (Luke 22 v 3) to betray us unlike ‘Gehazi’ who was used by the flesh. Do not mourn their exits but celebrate it as Good Riddance because now you will be ‘glorified’, but do not treat them as Bad Rubbish because even Jesus called Judas ‘friend’ (Matt 26 v 50) when he came to fulfill his dastardly act of treason and betrayal.

Please expect some defections in your life also, unlike politics that have its own season of defections, let them go. Their exits could be Good Riddance but the people must not be treated as Bad Rubbish.

Be inspired.



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